Poltergeists are spiritual entities that exist on the astral, and etheric plane. The word poltergeist literally means “noisy ghost” in german, but actually has nothing to do with ghosts. These entities can be created by powerful negative emotions, and feelings, but usually are created by people that are practitioners, or have high psychic energy. It is known by many to be a form of uncontrollable psychokinesis brought on by a single person that may not know they have the ability, or the skill to use psychokinetic techniques. Poltergeist are also sometimes referred to as RSPK which stands for Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho Kinesis. This has been noted by some to be a more accurate term to call poltergeist activity, because it is less connected to the idea of spirits, and ghosts, and more connected to individual, or agent psychokinetic outbreaks. It is said young women around the age of 9 to 17 have the highest potential for creating a poltergeist. Reports of poltergeists have been recorded since the classical era in Rome. Poltergeist activity can usually last from anywhere from a few hours to a few years. These beings usually cause misfortune, and mischief through the act of the poltergeist’s ability to move, manipulate, and control objects. This usually leads to a lot of noises such as bangs, bumps, knocks, and footsteps that have no discernible source for where they’re coming from. People have also reported objects being thrown around the room, people being shoved, and pulled, along with disembodied voices, and levitating objects, and people. Poltergeist usually do not manifest appearances, but when they do it’s usually just a cloud like gas, or light that can be seen for a few seconds. Poltergeist also create cold spots, and hot spots just like other types of ghosts, and spiritual entities.

People who create poltergeist accidentally usually do so, because they are under a high amount of stress and emotional pressure. these people are usually called the poltergeist agent and are directly connected to it on a spiritual level. The poltergeist may act it’s misfortunes according to the underline unconscious thought of the agent, and can even end up targeting a certain person with its primary amount of mischief. Poltergeist activity is usually triggered in the poltergeist agent through a traumatic event that greatly affects the agent in many ways. Poltergeist can also be created out of the final energy of a person that has died, if they die in a high emotional state. These types of poltergeist are usually filled with wrath, and they’re still not technically ghosts due to the fact that it has been born from the person’s energy, and it is not the person’s spirit. Though the person’s ghosts could be using the poltergust as a tool to exact their revenge on the physical world. Poltergeist can be quite nasty manifestations of energy, so I have prepared a list to help you get rid of them if you would like. This may not have everything on it, but it will be a good starting point to help you figure out a way to get a poltergeist to leave you alone:

  • Banishing ritual such as LBRP, LBRH, or Gnostic Pentagram Ritual.
  • Getting rid of the poltergeist agent.
  • Allowing the poltergeist agent to take back control over the poltergeist.
  • Burn cleansing, protecting, and banishing herbs.
  • Using crystals that are for cleansing, protecting, and banishing.

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