The power hand is your dominant magickal hand that is innately more powerful than your other one. The power hand is also called the projecting hand, and the hand that is not your power hand is called the receptive hand. The power hand is determined at birth and is one of your main energy directing, and sensing tools. Using your power hand over your other hand will make it easier to do certain techniques in energy work. The energy of this hand is more sensitive and flows more smoothly then your other one. Your power hand is also usually your dominant writing hand, but this is not the case for all people. There are many ways to find out which one is your power hand. The first method comes from just trial, and error. Take turns switching off using your two hands for energy work to see which one is more sensitive, and which one is more powerful. This method will allow you to experiment to find which one is your power hand. Another way to find your power hand is to do some meditation to feel, and ask yourself which hand is naturally more powerful, and receptive. This would not have to be a long meditation, but would primarily consist of feeling into your hand energy centers and playing with energy. It is very important to find your power hand, so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your naturally given tools, that can make your magick, and practice more powerful, and controlled.

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