Meditation is a skill that has a wide range of uses for beginners, and the well-established practitioner. This is a fundamental skill that is meant to be built upon, and used along the practitioners path, but for some reason, or another some people struggle profusely with trying to meditate. This can be for a plethora of different reasons, and with this post I hope I can help you to get your own handle on your meditation practice, even if you have been struggling up until this point. We are going to do this by laying out reasons why you would not be able to meditate, or why you would have a hard time meditating. Then I will place solutions for that problem to help you overcome what may be affecting you, and preventing you from meditating to your full potential.

Meditation problems, and their solutions:

Problem: Whenever you try to meditate your mind becomes busy, and plagued by thoughts that distract you.

Solution: When you enter a meditative state your mind’s natural instinct is to process information. Though this can get in the way of meditating it can be quite easily counteracted. The way to counteract this problem is to let the thoughts come into your head instead of trying to ignore them acknowledge that they are there, and let it pass. This will allow you to work through all your thoughts on your own terms, and to slowly defragment your mind. Making space for a place where you can meditate. This process can take different amounts of time for different people, but once it is complete your mind should no longer be busy for at least that session of meditation.

Problem: If you fall too quickly into a state of relaxation, you will end up falling asleep, or spacing out.

Solution: Meditation can be a very relaxing process, but it is important not to overindulge in that relaxation. Ways to counteract this problem is to not lay down, while meditating, but much rather sitting up straight, or you might even want to try standing meditation. Also try not to do meditation at night. The best time to meditate is always the early morning right after you wake up.

Problem: If you don’t see colors, light, visions, or anything when you meditate.

Solution: Not seeing things, while meditating can be caused by a couple different situations. One is that your third eye is not open. The third eye is your energy center that is responsible for your Sixth Sense, and ESP, or Extrasensory perception. This energy center being closed does not allow you to see using your mind’s eye which could be the problem for why you don’t see things. One of the first ways I learned how to open my third eye is to take your finger, and move it in a clockwise motion upon your forehead. Another reason you might not see anything it’s because you’re expecting it to appear in a place where it does not. It does not look like you seeing in the physical world it looks a lot more like recalling a memory. The last reason I can recall for not being able to see anything during meditation is you may have aphantasia, which will not allow you to see through your inner mind, you may be able to Focus your mind through speaking your will allowed, which will act as your visualization. Some practitioners with aphantasia do report being able to visualize things more if they continuously practice visualizing, which may also help.

Problem: If you can’t seem to find the state in which you can be relaxed.

Solution: To feel more relaxed during meditation you could choose a posture that best suits your relaxing needs from standing up to laying down. You should also try to wear comfortable clothing, and no jewelry, or accessories of any kind. You could even try putting on some nice relaxing meditation music, binary Beats, shamanic drumming, or even ASMR, before, or during your meditation to completely relax you even those this is not for everyone. Also controlling, and focusing your breathing will also relax you during, and after the meditation, and it is important to use a deep breathing method, or the energy breathing technique to induce feelings of comfort, and relaxation.

Problem:  If you experience pain from periods of sitting.

Solution: You do not have to sit to meditate. You can use any posture as long as it is comfortable to you, but I would suggest having your back straight, and the either the top of your head, or your third eye pointing towards the sky above. This will allow energy to flow through your body smoother.

Problem: If you lose concentration quickly, and easily during meditation.

Solution: Focus is a very important skill to learn for many different types of magickal practices. Meditation is a good skill to help you learn how to use your focus, but if you don’t have any focus to begin with then you can try to do focusing exercises. Focus will build with your skill of meditation. You could also go through the process of using specific meditation music that will bring you back to focusing upon the meditation. It is also perfectly okay if your focus gets distracted for a good amount of time and you should simply take time to learn tools of bringing your focus back.

Problem: If you believe that you can not meditate, and have been discouraging yourself.

Solution: You can actually manage to discourage yourself out of being able to meditate. The only way to truly solve this problem is to switch it around, and encourage yourself to meditate. You can meditate as long as you believe in yourself with every fiber of your being. analyze the beliefs that have discouraged you from meditating and examine them and try to change them so that you will be able to meditate. This can be done through Shadow work or other types of psychological intervention.

Problem: While trying to meditate you become impatient.

Solution: If you become impatient during meditation you must use your willpower to  reconnect to your relaxation to continue your meditation regardless. You cannot rush meditation it is by nature controlled, and slow. You must learn to have patience for all the good things will come in time. This is all about perseverance, and determination to stick with your intent of meditating until you gain your expectations. So take it slow and allow yourself to ease into the meditation, and to learn the lesson of patience.

Problem: The stress from your waking life bogs you down, and keeps you from meditating.

Solution: Meditation is a good way to release stress, but having too much stress can distract you from your meditation practice. Sometimes this can be solved by sticking through the meditation regardless, but sometimes meditation is not always the answer, and you’ll have to find a different way to de-stress yourself before meditation will be optimal to practice again. This can be as easy as doing things that you enjoy. Just don’t let life get you down, and come back to meditation when you are ready.

Problem: If you don’t have the enthusiasm in order to meditate.

Solution: This is another thing I suggest you work through, because enthusiasm is based upon a cycle it comes, and goes like the wind. Your enthusiasm will eventually come back stronger than ever, and you’ll be able to meditate with your newly found enthusiasm. So you need to be patient for your enthusiasm to return so that you will be able to meditate once again. Try taking a break,and returning to it later.

Problem: If you cannot find the time to meditate.

Solution: Everybody has time to meditate even if they don’t know it. Meditation is a very diverse technique because it can be used anywhere by anyone at anytime. Your meditation does not have to be long at all. They can even be 5 minutes, and can still be quite helpful to you. You can also meditate in places you might not thought were possible like the shower, or during a commute if you are not driving. Everyone has time to meditate you just have to find the perfect spot to place that time.

Problem: If you are afraid to meditate.

Solution: Remember before meditation it is always recommended to use some form of protection technique. This technique can be casting a circle, or creating a psychic shield around you, or any other form of protection. Once you use protection there is nothing to fear from meditation in the slightest. It is perfectly safe, and can be ended at any time by simply opening your eyes, and reconnecting with the physical world. You may have to examine why you feel this fear around meditation, so that you will be able to change it.

Problem: If you are trying too hard.

Solution: Sometimes it’s better to pull back, and not try to force it to happen, but allowed to flow into being. It is important to stay in perfect balance, and harmony when trying to accomplish certain practices. You must try as hard as you can, but over trying, and trying to force it will make it so that you will not be able to do it anyway. It’s a balancing act, and you must find the center of it in order to persevere through to reach your goal.

Problem: If you have no idea if you are truly meditating, or not.

Solution: As long as you get in a slower altered state of consciousness no matter what you are doing at the time is technically considered meditation. All meditation is a way to quiet the flow of your mind, connect with energies that are around you, and to transcend your original awareness. As long as you do that you are meditating, and you will know the difference when you experience it.

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