Energy can be manipulated, changed, and programmed in many different ways to help you in different situations in your life. This programming of energy will use your will to instruct energy for a purpose or task. For example let’s say you had a friend that was feeling sad, and you wanted to cheer them up. A way you could help them with their sadness is you could program some of your energy with the intentions of happiness, and instruct the energy to go to them. When the energy arrives to her it would ease her suffering by mixing into her aura, and persuading her to feel those feelings. Programming energy can be used for great good such as the example, or it can also be used in malicious purposes such as programming fear, or depression, and giving it to someone.

All types of energy already have programming assigned to them. This program makes them act in the specific way you would expect that certain type of energy to act. What I mean by this is if you encountered a powerful dark energy it would already be programmed to feel dark, heavy, and overwhelming among other things. Energy can be reprogrammed, and told to do something else from its original natural programming. We’re going to be doing this with your energy. Your original energies programming is to be your energy, but you could easily reprogram it to do whatever you want.

  1. First you will need to make a energy ball. This is because before we can program energy, you must have energy to work with.
  2. You need to choose your intention. This can be any emotion such as happiness, love, fear, etc… or your intention could be something like protection, binding, etc…
  3. Once you have your intention you must program your intention into the energy. This is done by visualizing your will being done, or by feeding the energy of your intention into the energy ball. Visualizing your will being done would be as if you wanted the energy ball to be program for protection. You could visualize your energy ball becoming a shield for you, Protecting you from negative energies, and entities. Feeding your energy would be like if you wanted the energy ball to be program for happiness. You would want to focus on happy thoughts flowing into the energy ball until the energy ball is made out of pure happy thoughts. Programming is all about taking the energy, and forcing it to match your will. You know you are done programming when the energy feels different, and matches more of the construct of your intention.
  4. Now that you have the energy it’s time to do something with it. You could tell it to improve the aspect in which it is charged in your life. You could put the energy somewhere, and tell it to stay there so it affects people’s auras as they come into contact with it. You could ask the energy to go to someone to help them, or hurt them with the aspect in which the energy is charged. There are probably other ways to use programmed energy that you can figure out, or someone else has figured out, and I encourage you to experiment.

Remember you can program energy with any type of intention, thought, or emotion. Energy has a different effect depending on what your intention, and what you have willed upon it.

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