The psi wheel is an object that is used to teach practitioners energy control, and telekinesis. It is a pyramid looking thing usually made from a bunch of random components you can find laying around. This is not always the case though because you can also buy some what I like to call premium psi wheels from people online, and other places that carry esoteric goods. To construct your very own psi wheel you will need:

  1. A square piece of paper, or aluminum foil folded into a pyramid. (energy does not flow through aluminum as easily as paper, so it is easier to move.)
  2. A paper clip that has been straightened.
  3. And A Pink eraser. (Note: It does not have to be pink.)

If you haven’t figured out how to put it together by now, do not threat , it is very simple. Simply stab the paper clip into the middle of the pink eraser, then put the paper pyramid on top of the paper clip like a hat, and and stand it up correctly if it is not already. Voila! You now have your very own psi wheel.

Now you can learn how to spin your psi wheel. There are many styles, ways, and methods on how to do this. I’ll be going over the methods that I know about, and have used to get the best results.

Before you start trying to make your psi wheel move you need to make sure there are no drafts, fans, or blowing winds in the room. The purpose of the psi wheel is to move it with your energy, not the air. Again following that last statement you should also wear (if possible) a bandana, or towel over your mouth to make sure you’re not influencing the psi wheel in anyway with your breath. I have also seen people put glass bowls over there psi wheel to make sure that no wind, or anything would bother it.

  1. Stand, or sit in front of your psi wheel.
  2. Get a very calm relaxed meditative state through deep breathing, or even energy breathing.
  3. This is where the styles, ways, and methods on how to make it spin begin to vary.
  • You could put your hands around the psi wheel, and make a energy ball. Once you make the energy ball you could visualize the energy ball spinning, which would spin the psi wheel.
  • You could stick one, or two hands out, and try visualizing energy pulling, or pushing on the psi wheel to get it to spin ,or move.
  • You could go hands-free completely, and try to visualize it clearly in your minds eye the psi wheel spinning in front of you.

Try them all out, and get a feel for which one works best for you. By no means are these the only ways to do it. You can search online, and possibly find better ways to learn how to spin it for yourself, but this will be a good foundation to build your understanding from.

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