Pushing, and pulling energy is a basic psi technique in which you push, or pull your personal psi energy in order to influence the world in some way. These are pretty much two fundamental parts in energy manipulation, because these psi techniques can be used in many other large psi technique. Pushing energy can be useful to charge sigils, and items with magickal intent, or to get the attention of someone, since they will most likely be able to feel subtle energy. Pulling energy can be used to drain energy from crystals, and other magickal items ,or can be used to cleanse objects, and sigils by removal of their energy. These are just a few ways you can use pushing, and pulling energy in your path, and practice. Here is a step by step on how to Push, and pull energy.

Pushing energy:
1. Start by centering, and grounding.

2. First you need to choose the direction, or the target you want push energy at. The target can be anything.

3. Next stick out your power hand (this is the hand you write with) in the direction, or at the target you are pushing energy at. Make sure your palm is wide open this will allow you to push energy more effectively, because the center of your palms has it’s very own chakras that are very receptive, sensitive, and powerful. Once your palm on your power hand is facing the direction, or at the target move on to the next step.

4. Now you need to focus, and visualize. See the energy as a ball blue mist in your solar plexus which is the spot located above your belly button. Visualize this blue mist traveling up your chest, and down your power arm into your power hand.

5. Once you feel the energy in your power hand see the blue mist energy shoot from your power hand like a heat seeking missile. flying, and hitting your target. During this step remember energy follows intent, and that you may not feel the energy being push out.

6. That is all there is to pushing energy out.

Pulling energy :
1. Start by centering and grounding.

2. First you need to choose a target to pull energy out of. The target can be anything like usual.

3. Next stick out your power hand just like in pushing energy.

4. Now visualize the energy coming from the target as blue mist. See this blue mist flow from your target in to your hand. Watch as it goes up your arm, and down your chest making its way to your solar plexus.

5. That is all there is to pulling energy out.


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