Shadow people are black shadow mist humanoid like entities that are quite mysterious in nature. Other names that are used to refer to shadow people are shadow figures, shadow beings, black masses, dark shadows, shadow ghosts, Dark Ectoplasms, Moving Shadows, or shades. Shadow people have been seen in many different types of forms. People have ran into shadow people that looked children sized, adult sized, masculine, feminine, and even some that would wear “Shadow clothes”. There are different types of shadow people, and shadow entities. Though these entities usually act similar to each other, it’s important to know the types that one could encounter. These are the different types of shadow people:

  • Shadow humanoid – This is the form most people see, and is the basic human form.
  • Shadow humanoid with Red, or Green Eyes – It’s exactly what it sounds like… shadow people with colored eyes…
  • Hat Man – This is a shadowy humanoid form that is wearing a hat, and is usually known as the Hat Man.
  • Hooded Shadows – humanoid shadow people who wear hoods.
  • Shadow animal – These are the shadows in animal form.
  • Black mist, Dark Ectoplasm, Moving Shadows – These are formless black clouds.

Shadow people are one of the most common entities people run into, but they usually flee when they are noticed. They are most often seen in places that are dark, when it is sometime during the evening. People that have encountered these entities have reported that light seems to frighten them away, and light is also said not to pass through their dark shadowy bodies. Shadow people have the ability to pass through objects, and walls like most other types of higher frequency entities. These entities can move incredibly fast, and are usually seen in people’s peripheral vision.

Though most people assume them to be negative, shadow people are not inherently benevolent, or malevolent. They are just entities with a little bit darker energy then most, and are more mysterious than anything else. Shadow people have also been known to be attracted to energy, but primarily darker energy such as negative emotions. They have also been known to feed on peoples energies.

No one knows for sure exactly what shadow people are, but they have been called pretty much everything from disembodied humans that did not pass on, to even demons, angels, and aliens. Some even claim that shadow people are astral projectors, and that the black mass you see is their manifestation of them on the physical plane.

If a practitioner would want to get rid of a shadow person all they would have to do is one of the things I have listed below. Though this is not all of the ways, it’s a good small list:

  • Ask it to leave, or command it to leave. (Nobody ever tries this…)
  • Banishing ritual such as LBRP, LBRH, or Gnostic Pentagram Ritual.
  • Asking a god, goddess, deity, or higher power to get rid of it for you.
  • Burn cleansing herbs like sage, and rosemary.
  • Used crystals that are for protection, and banishing like obsidian.
  • Energetically attack it through energy work


  1. So this is an interesting one so what if what is the shadow people of been with you your tire life what does that mean is it good is it bad?


    • Most likely when they’re in your environment for an extended period of time they just found a feeding source nearby, which could definitely be seen as a bad thing. Because that means they could be feeding off you or one of your housemates, which can be incredibly draining, and can also indicate a lot of negativity in the area.


      • Okay I have another question so the two shadow people that have been with me my entire life do the eye colors matter because there’s one Shadow always to my left and there’s another Shadow ways to my right the shadow to my left where it’s one left eye is only thing that’s there and it’s red the ones who my right has both of its eyes and they’re blue what does that mean


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