Shufflemancy is a type of divination that works by receiving messages in the forms of songs in a playlist. In this form of divination the practitioner will ask a question, or for guidance, and then activate shuffle in a playlist of some type. This playlist will then begin to play a song and from the song the practitioner will get a message. These messages can be assigned before the act of shufflemancy begins, or can be interpreted as soon as the song in question appears. Both these forms, and methods work quite well for various different purposes. In the system of pre-assigned meanings one can connect certain songs to so many different  metaphysical properties that these songs take on a very new meaning, and power to them. With the shufflemancy method of interpretation you can use any playlist, and can go out, and experience all different types of music, and gain messages from them to be used in your life. This may be more random, and spontaneous, but from it you can learn to experience these messages in places you never thought you would. This makes the art of shufflemancy even more available, due to the fact that the meanings for your divination come from the song, and must only be interpreted. These are things most people have access to in this day and age, and can be a quick, and easy way to get divination on the go, or even introduce people into the world of divination. Shufflemancy is another one of those beautiful arts that has come from old thinking in the modern era.

How to do shufflemancy:

  1. First you need a playlist of either your design, or someone else’s in a format so you can randomly shuffle to the next song. This playlist can include as many songs as you would like, but should have a wide variety so the messages can be portrayed in many different ways.
  2. Next you’ll want to think of a question, and how many times you will shuffle in order to find the answer to that question.
  3. Now is the time for you to shuffle as many times as you selected earlier, and to get your answer in the form of a song. Once you hit the shuffle button “X” number of times you will end up on the song you will get your message from.
  4. If you set up interpretations for every one of your songs in the playlist, then getting the message will be easy. All you would have to do is refer back to the meanings you gave it before. But if you’re doing this by the interpretation method you will have to look at the title, the artist, lyrics, and instrumental in order to form a message from the energies you receive from these key factors of  the song. Interpreting may take some practice, but eventually you will get it and understand how to more easily see meaning in songs.

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