Introduction :

Soulmates, and twinflames are usually used interchangeably even though they are not the same thing, and have just become greatly connected to each other even though they are two completely different concepts. There are many differences between soulmates, and twin flames that are usually not spoken about in the more romanticized versions of their concepts. These terms are not only used for partners in love, but can be for teachers, friends, acquaintances, and anyone else you have a bond with. It is important to understand the differences between these two concepts so that you can identify which ones may appear in your life.

Soulmate :

A lot of different people in your life can be a soul mate to you from family members to friends, coworkers to romantic partners. Everyone has at least one soulmate that will help them out on their journey, and these souls’s energies are pretty close to yours, or an exact opposite allowing you to be drawn towards each other. We are meant to cross paths with are soulmates in order for them to teach us something, and further our growth through our lives, and eternity. Soulmates are predetermined before we even start our lives here, and are usually destinies that we can’t get away from, and that will usually happen regardless of what we do. These relationships are very important to teach many life lessons, and in order to help us grow. Soulmate relationships help us raise our consciousness, and vibration through the lessons they teach, and the insights they give. You will incarnate with your soulmates until they are able to teach you all the lessons that you are supposed to learn from them. These soulmate relationships can help you awake into who you really are by telling you more about yourself, and what you’re really capable of.  They will usually enter our lives in very interesting ways that will make it seem like it was destined to happen. The bond you, and your soulmate may feel may fluctuate in strength, and intensity depending upon the lessons they have to teach you, and when you need to receive the lessons. These entities usually show up to challenge you to help you get changes in your life, and to help correct you along your path. They usually do not stick around if they have nothing left to teach us. Relationships with your soulmate can be romantic, but do not have to be, and can still be platonic, and probably are most of the time. Your soulmate may help you release and relieve certain pains of the past, so that you can heal, grow, and move forward. Soulmates are very important to our evolution, and are beings that will show up in our lives when we need them to teach us their lessons, in order to help us move forward.

Twinflames :

Twinflames also sometimes referred to as twin souls, and twin rays are a soul that split in two, or more other souls. Not everyone has a twin flame like they do a soulmate, but this does not make anyone with the twin flame better than anyone else. This also does not make twinflame souls incomplete in any way, but much rather a whole souls that can come together to form an even greater whole. As you can possibly imagine these two souls are very connected because of them coming out of each other, and even share the same energy as each other. Twin flames balance each other’s energies perfectly, so much so that you can associate each one of them with an element of yin, and yang. It is believed that eventually near the end of both of the souls’s journey that they will meet up again, and become one. Twin flames are going to be very drawn to each other a lot more so than a soulmate. If you have a twinflame you, and your twin flame probably share the same mission and/or purpose. The relationship brings you together in order to create, and make new things for the world, and everyone’s experiences. Allowing each other to grow with someone who is very connected to you is one of the relational benefits of being in a twinflame relationship. It is said most of the time that your twin flame usually does not incurnate with you, but instead waits, and assists in the higher planes of existence, until you guys are finally ready to meet each other on the physical. Twinflames are a very familiar part of your soul that is connected with you on a very high, and profound spiritual level, this connection should be understood, and worked upon to better the existences of both entities in the relationship.

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