When we were first brought into this reality we are given guides, and guardians to watch over us. These guides, and guardians stay with us throughout our many reincarnations, protecting us, guiding us and teaching us. These spiritual beings can be a wide array of different types of entities from animals to plants to spirits who have never taken corporeal form to even your ancestors. People usually have about 5-10 spirit guides. Spirit guides can be with you throughout your entire life,  or can just randomly pop in when you need, them that’s really depends on the spirit guide. Spirit guides can come to you in your dreams or come to you in waking day or meditation. You can communicate with them through your thoughts, because they are always listening. Eventually if you work with them enough you will be able to hear them speak back. In meditation you’ll be able to see them in your sacred space, and be able to ask them questions. They can send you signs and affect your gut feelings. Spirit guides will never lead you astray they will always be for your common good. If they aren’t looking out for you then chances are they are not your spirit guide. Altogether spirit guides can help you and lead you on a better spiritual path. Finding your spirit guides is just a simple meditation away. Here is a step by step…

  1. Follow the meditation technique used in meditation to get to your sacred space.
  2. Once you are in and walking around your sacred space the next step is to call out to your spirit guides. You could say something out loud or in your head something like “Spirit guides I wish to meet and connect with you!” but sometimes the intention of just knowing that you’re looking for them will get them to appear to you. If they do not appear do not worry just wait, and try again in a few minutes.
  3. Once they appear you’ll be able to feel their presence. All spiritual presences are different but you should be able to feel that this spirit does not mean to harm you. If you feel like the spirit would like to hurt you then end the meditation immediately, and cast a circle.
  4. After you have confirmed that it is indeed your spirit guide you can get to know them.
  5. Once you’re ready to come out of meditation you should say goodbye to your spirit guides, and ease  your way out through more deep breathing, and when you finally feel up to it you should slowly open your eyes so you can re-tune to the physical world.

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