Spirit orbs are spiritual entities that choose to manifest as balls of light energy. Spirit orbs go by many different names such as Spirit globes, Spirit globules, balls of light, and ghost orbs. These are primarily believed to be simple manifestations of spirits, but a lot of people have a bunch of theories on what type of spirits manifest itself as an orb. Some people believe them only to be human spirits, where other people believe them to be human, animal, and/or even nature spirits. Skeptics believe spirit orbs are nothing, but dust, moisture, or pollen grains captured by the camera, or by people seeing them, and mistaking it for something spiritual. Because of this there has been quite a lot of fake spirit orbs photographs. No one truly knows what they are, and they are still quite mysterious. The difference between actual spirit orbs, and particles in the air is usually spirit orbs in photographs have a slight Trail, glow a bit, and have an odd interesting center.

These entities are usually always moving, and zip by with a very quick flash of light. These orbs have been seen to be any color you can think of, and are not limited by any particular size. They have been reported to change color, and size on occasion right before people’s very eyes. Some people also try to interpret the color of the orbs to get insight into the spirit that manifested them. Spirit orbs can be seen at any time of the day, and are usually seen in locations where supernatural things are said to have gone down. Though they can be in the areas that are more normal, and mundane, but they usually just pass through these spaces from time to time. Some people say they can also see the faces of entities on the inside of the spirit orbs, and have reported seeing loved ones, and family pets. Spirit orbs are documented a lot in photographs usually ones taken by digital cameras, but have also been documented in the use of differ cameras such as film cameras. Spirit orbs have been known to be photographed by request, showing that they are intelligent beings, and that they can comprehend, and are conscious of the world around them. It is said the best camera to photograph Spirit orbs with is a 35 mm camera, because it is harder to photograph air particles with it. This makes it harder to mistake air particles for Spirit orbs, and will allow the process of getting a picture of them to be so much smoother. Spirit orbs have fascinated people for a long time, and are a mysterious, and wonderful phenomenon that we all can appreciate.

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