Scanning is the act of sensing spiritual energy. Scanning can be useful to identify certain types of energies in people, places, and things. It is used in spiritual healing to find energy blockages, and spiritual impurities in the aura. Scanning will also allow you to tell the difference between certain energies. It is important to learn how different types of energy feel, and react. This will help you to build a stronger connection with the energy you work with on your path. First things first, if you have made a ki ball you have already used this technique technically. This is because when you made the ki ball you learned not only to make the ki ball, but to feel that it was actually there. Now then, second things second, it’s step by step time!…

  1. You want to find the person, place, or thing that you would like to scan. This can be anything, and everything.
  2. Stick your hand, or hands near the object as close, or as far as you feel comfortable. In the beginning you’ll have to do this step, but eventually you will choose if you want to use it, or not. Eventually you’ll just be able to walk near things, and pick up some of their energy.
  3. Now it’s time to focus on feeling the energy. To do this create the same sensation you get when you’re making a ki ball, but this time at the conduit of your desire. When you’re doing this some of your energy will come out, and feel it.
  4. Now it’s time to feel into the energies of the object. When your energy collides with the energy of the object you are trying to scan you may feel a sensation, a temperature difference, a tingling, an emotion, a magnetic push, or pull, or you may even just intuitively know all the attributes of that energy. You can also move your hand around the objects energy to see if you can find a patch of energy that is different than the rest of it. This patch of energy could be some sort of imprint, impurity, corruption, or blockage.

Every energy is a different feeling to it. This means if you’re walking through a nice family home, and feel the energy of that place. It should be instinctively different from you feeling the energy of a let’s say “murder weapon”. The skills to tell the difference between energies will not come overnight. It takes some training, but eventually you will get it. You will eventually, be able to differ between certain types of energies based on the feeling that you get from these certain factors. One day you might be good enough to wave your hand, and learn more things about a person, place, or thing then reading about them in a book.

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