Stitchomancy, and bibliomancy are two forms of divination that are done through literature. Stitchomancy being divination through the use of all books, and bibliomancy being a subset of Stitchomancy that works through the use of a holy, religious, or sacred book. The books that are usually used for bibliomancy are the Bible, the Qur’an, the Torah, and plenty of others. It is said that both of these techniques are very old, and have been practiced by many different cultures. Stitchomancy is a quick, and fun way to divine, and can be done anytime that you have a book with you.  All you need to do once you have a book of any type is to ask your question aloud, or in your head, then open the book, or let it fall open to a random page, and then take the first phrase you see as your answer for your question. Very simple, yet helpful at the same time. It is also discreet so you can do it at any place you would like without drawing attention to yourself. To do bibliomancy you just do the same thing, but with a sacred text. Sometimes the phrases you get will not make sense so you must interpret them to the best of your ability. This can be as simple as thinking about it differently, or as hard as looking into the meaning of every individual word in the phrase. That all depends on the phrase the universe gives you. This technique those simple in concept is very helpful, and is a convenient tool to have under your belt.

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