With your gaze you can create psychic links between you, and another, and can use this link to communicate, manipulate, or even spiritually attack someone. Your eyes are two of the most powerful energy projectors, and receivers. This allows them to be good tools in energy manipulation, and psychic techniques. These gazing techniques can be used, and adapted to many different types of situations, and events. They will allow you to train your energy control in mundane world without bringing attention to yourself.

Telepathic messages, and suggestion through gaze:

Your gaze can be used for telepathic messaging in a way that allows you to connect with the person even if they don’t know you are connecting with them. This can be done regardless of them looking at you, or not, but making eye contact even if for a second can psychically connect you with that person, and will make this technique so much easier. This technique can be used with another practitioner to learn, and practice telepathic abilities, or it can be used to gain the attention of someone from a distance, while remaining silent. It can also be used to implant ideas, suggest options, and compel the weak minded. So it’s pretty much the real life version of the jedi mind trick, but without all the waving. To do this first you will need to find a partner, or a target. Once you have that you’ll have to gently gaze at them, and enter a trance state. You will want to gaze into their eyes. If you have a partner this will be easy to accomplish, but on a target it might not work as well, due to the fact that you might not always have eye contact, and the fact eye contact with strangers usually will deter people. If you cannot get eye contact then just gaze upon them. To make this whole process easier it is highly recommended that the person that you are doing this to is in some form of trance like state. If you have a partner you can tell them just to enter a trance-like state, but as for targets you will be more likely to do it to someone that is spaced out, board, or doing a remedial task. This will put them into some what of a trance state, so that they can better receive messages. At this point begin to envision a cord flowing from your third eye all the way into the other person’s third eye connecting you on a spiritual level. Now the idea here is that you can send different types of information down this cord to influence the other person in a myriad of different ways. So if you wanted to grab their attention you could envision from their point of view them randomly looking towards you, and then send this message to them through the cord. If they are in the right state of mind they should copy that message exactly to the ’T’. This point of view method can also be used in whatever other way you would like to make a person do something. All you have to do is envision from their point of view them doing what it is you want them to do, and send it to them. This does have certain limitations though from your message being way too complicated to breaking the person’s morals, or their natural suspension of disbelief. Also if you think of statements of intent, or a specific symbolic image, and send it to your partner, or target it will be place in their subconscious where they can recall it as a message, or an original idea. This one has the exact same limitations as the other one, but it’s not as sensitive, and will allow a lot more ridiculous strain. Once you’re done with the spiritual connection break your gaze, or see the cord fade away in your mind’s eye, then go among your day.

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