The dreamscape is the space in which we go to when we are dreaming. This place is also called by many different names such as, the dream space, the dream world, or the dream state. The dreamscape by itself is a formless void, that only can truly, become a place when the entity that owns that dreamscape enters it, and forces their will upon that place. This place can be freely controlled by your mind, and intent at any time. On the dreamscape one can consciously, and unconsciously create their desires, and fears in a safe space to experience them. For people who learn the ability to lucid dream can control, and manipulate this space in any way they would like to while being completely conscious. This can make the space incredibly valuable to them for not only a source of entertainment, but a place to learn, and practice magicks. You can use this place to perform spells, rituals, communicate with spirits, and guides, and even receive messages in this space. This can also be used as a starting point for situations when you are trying to go from lucid dreaming to astral projection, because it is easier to achieve astral projection from your dreamscape. It is theorized that from your dreamscape you can enter other people’s dreamscapes, and partake in a shared dream experience. This place can also be used to create thought-forms, and even fully act out situations that you would not usually experience in your waking life. The dreamscape is a beautiful world that you probably already know, and have experienced. This world has been created by you, for you, and will always be a place for you to come, and relax while you recharge your energy.

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