The evil eye, or the malochia is a curse in which ones harmful intent is channel through there gaze Inflicting the entity on the other end with bad luck, blockages, sickness, and other misfortunes. This curse with its more self explanatory, and simple nature means that it can be done involuntarily. This allows people who don’t even believe in the occult to accidentally curse people with a simple curse made from there harmful thought. The evil eye can also be used in more advanced ways by practitioners who use it voluntarily, and have master the use of the curse. These practitioners project there harmful energy of intent in such a manner that they can project it into other peoples energy centers unbalancing them, or they can be specific to there harmful energy of intent for a specific misfortune to over take the person. This more advanced way of harmful energy projecting could be truly devastating to a person who is not prepared to handle such an attack. As you can see anyone can pull off an evil eye, so it is important to understand, and learn how to protect yourself against it. Since it is a more simple technique, and anyone can do it even with out knowing it. The evil eye has a lot of techniques, spells, rituals and talismans that can stop it in its tracks. There is a list of things to help you stop the evil eye:

  • The Cat’s eye gemstone, or chrysoberyl
  • Italian Horn
  • The Hamsa, or the eye of fatima
  • Evil eye jewelry, and amulets
  • Arrowheads on a silver chain
  • Horseshoe
  • The Eye of Horus, or All-Seeing Eye
  • Snake amulets
  • Four-Leaf Clovers
  • Seal of Solomon
  • Star of David
  • Sapphires
  • Agate
  • Tiger eye

If you still have no idea how to do the evil eye here is how to do the evil eye:

1. Find your target. this can be any entity or construct in gazing range.

2. Next you need to begin to gaze at them while doing this you should feel in to your hate, your anger, your disgust, your jealousy, and your wrath. Focus everything that you find negative, and harmful into your gaze that you are bestowing upon this person. Release this energy through your eyes, and allow it to merge with your target’s spirit. This can take different amounts of time depending on how much harmful energy you are projecting.

3. Once you done are projecting harmful energy at your target, all you have to do is go on your way knowing your target has been evil eyed.

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