The higher self also sometimes referred to as meditational self,  soul consciousness, or higher consciousness is the highest form of you. It is the real you. You are just a projection of your higher self that has been manifested, and incarnated into this existence. You are still a very important whole to the form of you that is your higher self  in your life, and are valid, and important to all of your existences. Everyone has a higher self, even if you don’t believe you communicate with it, it can still influence you, and its effects can still be seen. It is the you that is connected to all the other versions of you, and all of their experiences, and lives. The higher self is a concept that has appeared in multiple cultures religious and spiritual beliefs from around the world. Our higher selves reside on the casual plane of existence, where it stays, and watches over you as you go, and live your lives, and explore the lower planes of existence. That is where you will be gathering all sorts of experiences, and information in order to further you, and your higher self’s development.

They are not separate from you, they are you, the real you. the one who is experiencing this life right now, the one who has experienced lives in the past, the one who will experience life in the future, and the one who is watching over all these existences, and is able to recall all this information. They are all you. There are many forms of you with many different experiences, that are all connected to your higher self. Where your higher self can learn from all of them. This makes your higher self the one that holds your true essence, some might even call it your soul. You do have all the skills, and abilities to literally be your higher self at this very moment, but you must remember how to use them. This is true, because you are always aligned with your higher self, and you are powerful, wise, and immortal, and can truly do anything you set your mind to. Your higher self is genderless, but most people will refer to them as the gender they are in this life. You guys are connected on a spiritual level, and your higher self can feel, your emotions, your thoughts, and your energies. You can’t hide anything from your higher self, because they are you.

Your higher self is also the one who has made your plan for you, and you have already chosen what you are going to do in this life, what your reason is for existing, some important decisions you are supposed to make, lessons you are supposed to learn, and experiences you are supposed to have. It is not all predestined, and most of it is probably left up to fate. Your higher self is also in contact with all of your spirit guides, and knows them on a very personal level. It is even said that they’re the ones who have asigned these spirit guides to you. You are able to meet, and commune with your higher self whenever you would like by simply entering a meditative state, and raising your vibration up to a higher level, and simply calling out, or asking for them to appear to you. They are you, so they will most likely come to you whenever you call, or want to align with them. You are always connected to them, but all you really need to do is reconnect.

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