The law of attraction is a universal, and magickal law that is quite prevalent in all aspects of life. This law states energies, and constructs that are alike attract. So whatever you put out into the world will come back to you. So if you put a very positive, and happy energy out in to the world you will receive positive happy energy in return. This also works with negative energy, and thoughts. So if someone wanted to attract something into their life all they would have to do is send that out. The law of attraction will bring to you experiences, situations, and conditions that you characterize, think, desire, and expect about. Focusing your entire being on a certain outcome, or situation will end up bringing those energies into your life along with the situations, and outcomes they in-body. If you desire one thing, and expect another the universe will be split and you may not receive the ultimate outcome that you were desiring, because of the unbalanced between your desire, and your expectancy.

The law of attraction has been used to affect so many different facets of life. People have use this to improve their health through actively thinking of themselves as healthy. This would attract healthy energy to them healing them of their ailments, and overall improving their health. It has been used to improve people’s finances through the act of making people focus on something other than their debt, and instead focusing on a more positive variance of money coming in, so that they bring in positive money vibes into their life. This would in turn bring in money into their lives through the release of energy. It has been used to attract partners for relationships, and you can use it to attract anything you would like in your life.

To use the law of attraction you should think a lot more about the positives. You must change your entire point of focus to what you want, and push it into being through your desire, and expect. It is a way of changing your intent to focus your energy to bring more of that energy into your life. This law governs most planes of existence, and can only be stopped, or redirected in certain situations. these situations being things that must happen in order for something down the road to be learned or experienced for somebody’s higher path, or it can be stopped when the law of negative attraction takes hold. The law of negative attraction is just like the law of attraction, but it is when a high amount of one energy is gathered in one place so the universe redirects the opposite of that energy to it. This would be like having so much positive energy, and then negative energy coming over to restore, and keep balance. The law of attraction is a very powerful law that we are governed by. It can be used to help us throughout our lives, and it’s a very interesting thing to keep in mind why going throughout your life. Now I will make a list of ways that you can use the law of attraction in your life.

Ways to use the law of attraction in your life

  • Visualizing vividly what you want in your life.
  • Only focusing on the positives of your life, and what you want.
  • Cutting out all the negative words from your intent.
  • Acting like you already have what you desire.
  • Reminding yourself exactly what you want to achieve.
  • Believing wholeheartedly that your desire will come.
  • Be sure what you want.
  • Ask the universe for what you want, or using affections.
  • Write down your desires, or put them into a physical form.
  • Communicate your desire to other people so that their thoughts, and feelings were also affect the universe for you.
  • Remember to keep moving and walk into your manifestation.

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