The three treasures are known as qi, jing, and shen. These three treasures are used primarily in traditional chinese medicine, and taoism. Though you may not use these understandings in your practice, it is always good to learn, and understand other people’s practices, and how they are similar, and differ from yours.


The first of the three treasures is jing. Jing is a very dense concentrated physical energy. Jing is stored in the lower dantian which is located below your navel.  Jing is like your essence, and is the whole of you. It is strongly connected to vitality, and the aging process, so much so that it is said that losing jing weakens, and shortens your life. When your jing energy is strong, your youthfulness will also remain, but when it is lost your physical body, and mental body will corrode, and your life will be shortened. This jing energy can actually be depleted through various different experiences such as stress, sexual activities, menstration, and much more, but can also be restored through better eating, Qi gong, Tai Chi, and other spiritual practices. You are given a specific amount of jing when you first start life, but it is lost over time. This jing is primarily lost through just walking through life as normal, and is always slowly depleting. So one day everyone will run out of jing, no matter who you are, and when you run out of jing, you will die, and pass on.


The second of the three treasures is qi. Qi is the life energy of everything in existence. It flows through you, and  the world around you, and it keeps everything working how it should in perfect harmony.  This energy has been known throughout all different cultures by a plethora of different names, and is a main cornerstone of chinese forms of magick, and medicine. Qi energy in the body is primarily held in the middle dantian, which is an energy storage spot, or energy center that is located in your heart. Qi can be willed through spiritual techniques, and it can be worked with to produce a myriad of different effects. When qi energy becomes very concentrated it becomes Jing energy. Qi is strongly connected to the breath, and the blood, for the movement, and energy that it embeds into our system. Qi can be gained in many of the same ways that jing can be, such as eating healthy foods, taking in clean air, taking certain herbs, and participating in spiritual practices.


The third of the three treasures is shen. Shen is located in the upper dantian which is located in the middle of your head.  Shen is the higher consciousness, the true spirit that everyone possesses inside of them. It is the radiant light that shines from every single entity, and it manifests itself through the beings of entities in the form of the appreciation of beauty, tolerance, kindness, and love. Certain practitioners can see shen through a shimmering light in people’s eyes, and is said to be a true reflection of the entities inner light. Shen will primarily manifest when the heart is completely open.

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