When I first discovered my path, I was surrounded by people who didn’t know, and would not encourage me if I told them about my practice into the occult. so because of this I did not have a lot of tools to work with when I first started, and if I did have a tool it would have to be disguised as something that was “acceptable”. This led to me learning, and adapting ways to practice better in secret without allowing people to know I was practicing. One thing that came out of it that people don’t talk about a lot about is things that can be used instead of candles in witchcraft, and other forms of magick. I learned this, because back in the day I did not know how to make my own spells, so I had to use other peoples, and a lot of them called for candles. The replacements for candles that I will post below relies on the fact that you need the candles for energy in order to manifest your will into the universe not so much to bring fire energy, or light into your work. So now let’s talk about things you can use instead of candles in witchcraft, and other forms of magick:

Crystals And Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones have always been quite useful in all types of magical working, So why not a replacement for candles. This especially works well with stones that give off a high energy frequency such as selenite, celestite, and spirit quartz. They could be place into some sort of crystal grid in order to gain energy into your ritual that way.


Is there anything that sigils can’t do? I’m still looking for it my friend, because they can be used to replace candles. All you have to do is make, or find sigils that have to do with  releasing energy. So you can use that energy in your rituals, and spell work. It’s that simple, anyone can make them, and they’re quite inconspicuous, all they look like is doodles to people that are not practicing.

Electric Candles

These electric candles do work just like the other ones do. All you have to do is turn them on, and put them in your ritual. Sure you look like a ghetto witch, but these candles still do produce warm light, and fire energy through the use of the electricity that the batteries produce. Allowing them to still be good uses of energy in witchcraft, and other forms of magick.

Candle Burning App/other electronic devices/ Virtual candles

It may be quite unconventional to use such technology in magickal working, but these items do release energy that can be used, regardless of if it has a candle burning app on it. The idea is that you can use the energy that is produced by the devices themselves as energy to help you push your intent into the universe, but some people also like to have a app that displays a candle on their device also to make it seem more like a candle, but this is not entirely necessary.

Energies / servitors

You can call upon different forms of energy to replace candles in your rituals, and workings. These energies could be programmed to give energy, or to gather energy up so you can use it later. To do this  you will have to be ok at energy manipulation, and programming, or have very powerful visualization skills with intent, but if you pull it off it will help you with your candle crisis.

I hope you at least found some of these interesting, if not useful. This could always be adapted into your magickal practice in some form, or other, or used in situations that you would have never expected yourself to be in. It’s always a good idea to learn substitutes for things in case one day you have to use them. if you have any more suggestions feel free to post them. I’d love to hear all about them.

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