Tribal sigils are sigils that have been made by my tribal sigil method. I have engineered this sigil method from my love for making sigils, and have combined it with my love for making tribal art to create a mutualistic mixture of the two of them. This sigil method is a lot less based on alphabets, and the letters of the statement of intent like the traditional sigil making method, but it’s more based on design, and the energy of your intent. One thing these sigils lack is simplicity. Not saying the other sigils cannot be complex, but much rather these sigils do not get the choice to be. They are less like letters, and more like small simple pictures that reflect the energy of the intent it was created with. Since we’re working not with letters, but with shapes. it gives you a whole new way to rethink sigil creation. This is not too hard to do, and is quite fun once you get the hang of it.

In this example I will be posting the steps I used to create the sigil above.

1) First you will need to create a statement of intent. This can be whatever you want it to be just like every other sigil method. Just make sure your intent is perfectly clear, and easily understood.

“I will be protected”

2) Now take the statement of intent, and count all the individual letters out.

“I will be protected” = 16

3) If the numbers of the product is 10, or above, add up the significant digits, and continue with their sum.

“I will be protected” = 1 + 6 = 7

4) This number that you are left with will be the number of shapes that you are going to use in your tribal sigil. From this point on it all becomes creativity. What you must do now is take whatever random shapes you want, and try to make a tribal design out of the X number of shapes that your statement of intent gave you. While making the tribal design you should focus intently on the intent that you stated for the sigil, and yourself. This tribal design should take on the feeling, and maybe even a little bit of the look of your intent. It should be a pure physical representation of your intent upon the world, so allow your connection to the energy to flow through you, and guide your hand to the perfect mark.

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