The triquetra also called the trinity knot, or celtic triangle is a symbol that originated in the celtic culture over many years ago. The triquetra looks like a continuous knot, made up of three interlocked vesica pisces, that may sometimes have a circle that will interject it’s three interlocked loops. It has been used to represent the trinity from not only the pagan celtic roots it was brought up in, but also the other traditions that discovered it afterwards. These trinities were three commodities that did not oppose each other, but were much more supports, that would keep each other in balance. Much like a three-legged table counts on all of its legs to stand. The circle that is sometimes interjecting the triquetra is there to represent unity, protection, and connection for the trinities that the knots represent, and the Eternal infinite power, and wisdom they can bestow.

The triquetra has meant so many things to so many different people throughout many different places in history, and has become a symbol that has taken on many different forms of energy over its long-standing career as a symbol. These energies are the beautiful imprints of people throughout history, and these can still be felt, and seen through the symbol today through the meanings, and energies of the symbol. The triquetra can be used to represent the goddess, and her representations of the triple goddess which are Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It was also used in Norse culture to represent odin, and was greatly connected to the Valknut, and Horn Triskelion. It has also been used to represent the threefold law in Wicca, and has even been used in Christianity to represent the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The triquetra also applied in Greek culture to represent the three fates of Greek mythology. This symbol can be used to represent any type of Trinity, or construct that works in the energies of 3. This symbol has been used in countless traditions, and cultures wherever a trinity has taken shape, but for whatever it represents, it is a powerful symbol nonetheless, that we all can learn from no matter what tradition, or culture we are.

The triquetra can also be used in magick in many different types, and forms. It can be used as a symbol of protection to ward off negative entities, and energies. It can also be used as a symbol of healing, because of its balancing properties in which it represents the three states of the body which are mind, body, and spirit, and can balance them together to allow your being to work in harmony with it self. It can be used to invoke any Trinity, or deity that is represented by it, and can even be invoked, and banished much like the pentagram. From starting at the very top of the triquetra, and going right for invoking, or starting at the very top and going left for banishing. The triquetra is a very versatile symbol that has withstand the test of time, and has been adapted, and used by many different types of cultures, traditions, and people.

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