Tulpas are a certain type of thought form that are created through intense intent, and focus of your mind. These entities are a lot like servitors, but have more free will, and personality, and feel a lot less like servants, and more like friends, and allies. This entity can act independent of you, and has its own thoughts, feelings, and energy. Tulpas are usually assigned a form in which they primarily manifest in, but the tulpa can always change the form whenever it would like. These entities will be created in your mind to begin with, and over a course of time will learn, grow, and change into unique individual entities that can thrive, and survive on their own. While creating, and working with this entity that you have molded from the energy of your mind you will create a connection, and friendship that can last with you forever.

These entities were originally taught, and created by Tibetan Buddhists, but eventually the technique made its way into other types of practitioners hands. Tulpas can be incredibly useful, and helpful in not only your magickal practice, but in your life as well, and can work as a self-created guardian, and companion for the practitioner that creates it. Practitioners usually communicate with their tulpas in their mind, or in their astral temple, or wonderland. You will be able to talk to your tulpas by simply speaking out loud, or speaking in your head to it. It can communicate with you through its own voice, or it may allow you to feel it’s emotions through a strong bond that you, and your tulpa will probably share. Tulpas need to be fed in order for them to keep existing, to do this one would only have to give them attention. This attention would allow them to keep existing, due to the fact that it would Supply them with the energy they need to survive.

It is also said that tulpas can possess your body, and take over for you. So they can learn how to interact with the world, and you can be in a lucid dream like state doing whatever you would like behind the curtain. There is also an ability in the tulpamancy community that is called imposition. imposition is the ability to impose a hallucinated version of your tulpa on the world in order to see and interact with them quickly and easily in daily life. Tulpas are very interesting entities that have been quite popular in, and around the magick, and occult communities. These entities are very interesting, and powerful, and can teach us a lot about ourselves, and creation. Now I’m going to tell you how to create a tulpa. Step by step time…

1) First thing you will need to do is plan out your tulpa. To do this we are going to have to plan out everything about them including their personality, and appearance. You might want to write down some character traits you would like your tulpa to have. This would be a good time to draw a picture, or find a picture of what you would like your tulpa to look like. So that you can remember during the creation process.

2) Once you have your tulpa planned out you can head into the tulpa creation process. You will need to enter a meditative state. To do this you can use any type of meditation methods you would like, but I would also recommend shielding, and protecting yourself in some form of way in order to protect you and your tulpa during the creation process. It is also important that you cleanse the area before you begin to ensure no outside influences influence your tulpa.

3) Once you are in this meditative state you can start creating your tulpa by envisioning its form as clearly as you can. Mold every detail of your tulpa with such intention that it, becomes real, and life like. Imagine every fiber of their appearance, and allow it to become stable, and instilled in your mind.

4) Once their appearance is done, and you are happy with what you’ve created. Begin to imprint their personality, and character traits upon them, and bring emotion, and life into the entity you’re creating. Visualize their mannerisms, and them acting, and moving in their environment. Visualize it and believe strongly in it. allow it to manifest, and become real.

5) Once you get to this point all the basic stuff for your tulpa is complete. Now you must talk to it, and interact with it in order for it to grow, and learn. Spend time with your Tulpa, and interact with them through all facets of your life. When you are done with this step feel free to leave your meditation. Remember to feed your tulpa through continuous attention in order to make sure that it continues to exist, and remember to have fun with your new Tulpa.

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