Vampires are entities that absorbs certain sustenance through the act of vampirism. Vampirism is the act of taking in sustenance from other entities, or constructs that need, and use it. These entities have captured the imagination of all different types of people. Though these entities do not burn up in the sunlight, or transform into bats they are still people, and entities we should be aware of. But today we’re going to be talking about real vampires not the ones you see on the big screen. Vampires are very real, but probably not in the way we expect them to be. There are two main types of vampires with one of them splitting off into sub vampires. Depending on what type of sustenance a vampire feeds on will determine what type of vampire  they are. If a vampire does not get its type of sustenance then it will become lethargic, sickly, depressed, and burnt out. Vampires can start their life craving there sustenance, or they can go through an awakening that usually happens around their teenage years. In this awakening they will start to crave there sustenance. The types of vampires sorted by their sustenance are as follows:

Sanguinarian Vampires – Sometimes the word sanguinarian is shortened to sang. This type of vampire is a person, or entity that actually drinks blood. This type of vampire usually get their sustenance from friends, family, or animals that are willing to allow them to feed on them. Two of the main beliefs for why Sanguinarian Vampires need blood is, because they have a unrecognized entirely biological medical syndrome that is rare, and give them the compulsion to drink blood, or they need blood, because of the energy that runs through it. Sanguinarian vampires usually drink one to two tablespoons of blood, but how often, and the quantity may change from Vampire to vampire.

Psychic vampires – Also called pranavores, and Energy vampires, and not to be confused with metaphorical energy vampires. This type of vampire is a person that drains psychic, and spiritual energy from other things around them. A lot of psychic vampires do not know that they are psychic vampires, and usually unconsciously absorb energies from entities, and constructs around them. Energy vampires usually absorb energy, because they do not bring in enough energy through more natural means. Energy vampire techniques can also be learned by other practitioners to absorb energy when they are low. People that are fed on by psychic vampires experience symptoms of low energy, or energetic burnout.

Hybrid Vampires, or Psi/Sang Vampires – These are vampires that feed from both methods, and can choose which one they utilize in certain situations. These vampires feed both ways, and can gain sustenance from both.

Subcategories of  psychic vampires

These categories of vampires are subcategories of the psychic vampire type. These titles get a little bit more specific, and communicate the primary source of the vampire’s energy sustenance consumption. I’m going to probably miss a couple of these because there are so many, but the base understanding is to communicate their source of energy consumption. Here are the types of subcategories of  psychic vampires:

Emotional vampires – Also called emphatic vampires. these are vampires that feed off of emotions such as happiness, and anger, and use this energy as sustenance  for their being.

Elemental Vampires – These are vampires that feed off of the energies of elements. These elemental energies being ones of fire, water, air, and earth in which they can bring into their body to be used as sustenance.

Sexual Vampires – Also sometimes referred to as a Tantric vampire. These are vampires that use sexual displays to absorb Sexual energy from their willing partners, especially during a moment of orgasm.

Symbiotic Psychic Vampire –  These vampires only feed on negative energy that they can find on people’s auras clearing them negative energy, and using the energy to sustain themselves.

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