Void meditation is a basic meditation with a lot to offer. Void meditation is the meditation where you calm your mind, and think of absolutely nothing. This is the first meditation I usually hear people say they did for their first meditation ever. Those it sound simple in nature it is actually quite complex. People spend years trying to quiet their minds to the perfect level. While teaching themselves willpower, control, focus, and intent. Sometimes there is nothing like being  in a nice void meditation while you sit there, and just BE. Here is a step by step on how to void meditate. Step by step time!

1. Find a comfortable spot where you  will not be disturbed. Make sure you are wear comfortable clothing. Sit, or lay in your spot depending on your meditation preference. Here is where you also should center, ground, and cast a circle, or use some other protection method.

2. Now close your eyes, and think of nothing. This is not as easy as it sounds. I use the word “Nothing” to pro-trade the idea of the what you are to think of, but by explaining “Nothing”  that would make it something thus defeating the intended purpose. You can’t think of anything. You can’t think of black space. You can’t think of white space.  You can’t think of nothing.  You can just be…

3. Once you are done slowly come back to the waking world. Open your eye, and undo your circle, or your other protection method. Then go among your day.


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