War Water

War water also referred to as mars water is water with iron rust inside it. The water is usually a more reddish color, and usually in bodies the powers of the planetary body of mars. It is made simply by adding rust to water, but can be made more complicatedly by adding iron nails that will also rust in the water, graveyard dirt, or magnetic sand among many other things that have protective, and banishing properties, or the energies of mars within them. War water was traditionally usually kept in a glass jar, or bottle. This type of water is a more aggressive protection, banishing, and warding solution. This can help you out by pushing out negative energies from places where you do not want them to be present, it is a way of declaring war on your more energetic enemies. War Water is a pretty useful tool to have especially when you are having a problem with entities, or practitioners, and you need some extra protection, and power to give you the upper hand.

Peace Water

Peace water is like the exact opposite of War water. They are both used for protection, but peace water is a much more calm, and relaxing energy rather than the aggressiveness of war water. This one promotes more respect, kindness, and harmony with its energies, and will try to keep the energies surrounding it benevolent. It is less about protecting yourself by pushing them away, and more about allowing everything to come together in harmony, and is protecting you in that sense. Rather than a fighting energy, it is more of an kindness, and unity energy. There are many different ways to make peace water most people agree that you need oil, water, and usually something to make the water blue. It also may contain alcohol of some type depending upon who is making it. Whatever the recipe it should come out to look like darker blue water with oil resting on top of it. The most basic recipe I would use is 3 part some form of blessed, or holy water depending upon tradition, mixed with some form of blue natural, or unnatural coloring, and topped with 1 part oil which depends on which oil you have closest, and which one has the most calming energies.  Peace water is something we could all probably use in our lives to bring even more balance, and harmony to are already wonderful experiences.

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