Here is a list of ways to energize your chakras to keep them open and in balance with the rest of your divine being. Any of these techniques, or methods can be used at any time to charge your chakras, and are also just good to know. This list definitely does not get all of the ways, but it is a good start.

1) Meditation. Is there anything meditation can’t do? So why not use it as some sort of energy working tool. It will allow you to focus your mind, and go deep into yourself to accomplish many tasks. Through a constant deep meditation cosmic energy will be brought down into you charging, and empowering your energy system.

2) Breathing exercises, or pranayama. This will bring energy into your body through better breathing methods allowing much needed energy to flow into your system.

3) Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki, kuji-in, and other energy working arts. From doing these practices one will gain better energy flow through there nadis, and will facilitate a better state in which there chakras can live in.

4) Color. Wearing clothes, eating food, and being around the same color as the chakra you want to energize will charge that chakra for you.

5)Sunlight, or moonlight. Being out in either of these will bring energy into your being through the Rays of light they are producing.

6)Crystals, rocks, gemstones, and minerals. These items release certain frequencies, and energies that can mix into your energy system when they are in your presence.

7)Herbs, and other plants. These can be burned, eaten, or made into essential oils to bring the energy into you.

8)Praying. Asking for help from any deity can be quite effective an energizing your chakras, and many other pursuits.

9)Salt water. Salt water is very purifying, and cleansing. It will clean the energies from your chakras, and allow new stronger energy to come into them.

10)Singing, and Screaming. Both of these actions release a lot of energy, and emotion allowing you to flow more easily.

11)Clapping your hands, and stomping your feet. This will open your hands, and feet chakra to make them easier to use.

12)Showers, and baths. This allows the calming healing energy of water to wash over your body, and will clear out energy blockages, and will get everything back in working order.

13) Centering, and grounding. These techniques will bring your entire body back into balance including your chakras.

14) Anointing oil. These contain the energies of the herbs they are made out of, and can be rubbed on your body to open, and charge your chakras.

15)Tibetan singing bowls. These bowls vibrate at a frequency that is harmonic with your chakras charging them.

16)Music. The energy in music resonates with the very core of your being, and can affect, and change our energies.

17)Mudras. These will invoke your chakras to open, and energize by certain hand gestures you give.

18)Mantra. These will invoke your chakras to open, and energize by certain phrases you say.

19)Eating, and drinking. Eating and drinking things with the same color, or energies as a chakra can charge that chakra.

20)Sleeping. Sleeping is a way for your body to heal itself, and recharge. During this time your spirit will do the same.


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