As you can see by my internet username (Wolf Of Antimony) the wolf is very important to me, and I have always found ways to use my spiritual connection to wolves to enhance my practice. Those wolf magick is already a concept, it is divided, and most of it is not innately usable. For humanity, and wolves have been connected to each other for thousands of years. Our relationship with the wolves has had some wild turns from working with them in a lot of aspects of our lives, and worshiping them like gods, to calling them evil, and dark creatures, and hunting them nearly to extinction. Wolves have also been worked with in magick, but a system purely based around wolves has either never been created, never been released to the public eye, or has not been used widespread enough for it to be a used, and well-known system of magick. So I thought “if one does not exist why not make one.”

Readapted Types Of Magick:

Types of magick that are based around entities usually work through your spiritual connection with the entity of your desire to perform your magickal intent. Such magicks as fairy magick, draconic magick, angel magick, cat magick, along with others have a much more intact system that could be used to create a foundation for other magicks with similar aspirations. The key points of these types of magicks systems can be laid out, and readapted to create new magicks systems. What I propose to do in this post is to take the key points from other types of magick that resemble a base structure similar to one of wolf magick to create a more usable, and universal system.

Key points:

Through looking for the key points of all similar magickal systems to wolf magick, I have found the key points to entity based magicks are comprised of:

  • Scientific understanding
  • History, myths, legends, and lore
  • Teaching, principles, and dogma
  • Deities
  • Correspondences
  • Symbols, sigils, glyphs, languages, and alphabets
  • Invocations, rituals, spells, meditations, and other practices

Using these key points correctly, and applying them to wolf magick, while incorporating already established wolf magick information a better wolf magick system can be created. We will now be going into each key point as it pertains to wolf magick, and at the end we should have a basic usable magick system of wolf magick.

Scientific Understanding:

Understanding the wolf from a scientific perspective will give you a physical understanding of the earthly existence of wolves. Though your knowledge does not have to be extensive more knowledge you get on the wolf the better you will be able to work with the wolf, understand it, and connect with it in different areas of its existence. Here I will be providing a basic scientific understanding of the wolf, but I encourage you to look up more, and learn more about the wolf on your own. Clearly I am not a scientist, but I will try to provide you with a clear synopsis with good, and reliable information.

Wolves are beautiful, and intriguing creatures with a lot of interesting information, and facts about them. A wolf as you probably already know is a wild canine quadruped animal. Wolves are ancestors to all domestic dogs, and share many things in common with their distant relatives. There are many different types of, and species of wolves. These species of wolves are gray wolf, arctic wolf, red wolf, indian wolf, himalayan wolf, ethiopian wolf, and eastern wolf. The most famous, and common version being the gray wolf which can grow up to upwards of 2.6 ft. or 0.79 m. In the wild, wolves tend to live 6 to 8 years, but in captivity the wolf lifespan jumps to round 12 to 17 years. Wolves live quite interesting lives while they are alive, and truly leave their mark on this place before they leave.

The many different types of wolves have lived in places all over the world, and not many areas have not been touched at one time, or another by the influence of the wolf. Wolves can survive in many different types of climates, and biomes from forests to deserts to tundras, and much, much more. Wolves also claimed territory to live in with their entire pack. These wolf territories sizes can vary from size to size, but it’s usually somewhere between 200 to 500 square miles, or 517.998 to 1294.99 square kilometers. The territory size is based primarily based off the packs size, neighboring packs, and used human land. Wolves are known to make dens, but wolves only make, and used dens when they are raising wolf pups that can not travel with the rest of the pack. These wolf dens usually have an entrance of a round 18 inches, or 45.72 centimeters in diameter with a chamber measuring  of 20 inches, or 50.8 centimeters high by 50 inches, or 127 centimeters wide by 40 inches, or 101.6 centimeters deep. Once the pups have grown up, and they leave the den. The den will be left, and will be available for use in the future. Since it is common for wolves to reuse their den.
The wolf’s diet is widely diverse, and primarily carnivorous. Wolves are a nocturnal animal that spends most of its time at night hunting for food with the rest of there pack. The Wolf’s diet consists of deer, elk, moose, small animals like rabbits, and even earthworms, and grasshoppers.  All those wolves are considered to be carnivores they also been seen partaking in eating berries, and grass at times. Wolves are very skilled hunters that work together with the rest of their pack in order to hunt down, and pick off the weakest animals in herds. Animals that would be considered to be weak in the herd would be either sick, young, elderly, or injured. These animals would make easy pickings for the wolves. Wolves are also not afraid to be scavengers, and eat other foods that are present in their environment, and habitats.

Wolves live in packs which are very small tight-knit communities of usually 2 to 15 wolves that live, hunt, and run together. Wolves communicate with the rest of the pack through complicated body language, and certain smells. Wolf packs are also split up into a sort of wolf pack hierarchy. That were made up by scientist to explain the community relationships of the wolves. This hierarchy is made up of the ranks alpha, beta, subordinate, and omega. The alpha is not the leader in a sort of sense that we think of when we think of the word leader. They have the most freedom, and can do whatever they want, when they want to do it. The alpha is the first one to get to feed after the hunt has been claimed. Unless there are pups, then the pups will be allowed to eat first. They are also the only ones that have the right to reproduce, and they keep their standing as alpha by shows of power, and aggression. The beta wolf is the wolf that, become alpha after the alpha dies. They are second in command under the alpha, and also must keep up their dominance within the pack by fighting, and  shows of power. Subordinate wolves are omegas that worked up the hierarchy by dominating over the other omega wolves. They can sometimes become alpha by overthrowing him in a fight. Where they will skip the beta position, and go immediately to the alpha. Omega is the lowest rank on the wolf pack hierarchy. Omega wolves are mostly just younger pups, and not actually wolves. They are the very bottom of the hierarchy so they have to submit to everybody. They’re the very last ones to eat and will go without food when it is scarce. In very rare circumstances the omega can get kicked out of the pack, and become a lone wolf, until they find another pack, or until they find a mate to start a new pack with.

Wolves are powerful beautiful creatures that deserve our respect, and understanding. We have shared the world with them for a long time, and have become friends, companions, and brothers with creatures that are not even close to our species. Our history has been rough with the wolf, but we are finally beginning to overcome it, and are learning more and more about these amazing creatures.

History, Myths, Legends, and Lore:

Clearly I cannot tell every piece of the wolf’s history, myths, legends, and lore here, but any that I am aware of I will list. Though most of these links will probably be dead.

Wolf  History:

Wolf Origins

Wolf History In United States

Gray wolf history united states timeline

The history of the wolf in Scotland

The history of wolves in japan

Fossil wolf history

Wolf Myths, And Legends:

Little Red Riding Hood

The Wolf ceremony

Moon when Wolves run together

Wolf and Boy

The Strength of the Wolf

Wolf and Hound

Wolf and the Sea

The Talking Wolf

Romulus and Remus

Zeus and Lycaon

Wenebojo and the Wolves

Fox Tricks Wolf

Two Wolves

How Dogs Came to Live With the Indians

The Wolf’s Eyebrows

Japanese folklore on Wolves

The Story Of Fenrir

The Sons of Fenrir: Hati and Skoll

Random Wolf Lore:

There was a wolf cult in Arcadia that worshiped Zeus, and ate, and sacrificed wolves.

It is believed if you say the word “wolf” in December you will be attacked by a wolf.

The wolf has the status of being one of the totem guardians of Britain.

Native American said when wolves howled they create powerful gales of wind.

Teachings, Principles, and Dogma:

These teachings, principles, and dogma of the wolf are not meant to be followed religiously, but they can be learned from, and applied to your path. Most of these principles will be based off of the medicine of the wolf.

The Celtic Wolf Code:

The Celtic wolf code is a code that’s origin I could not trace. I’m not too sure where this came from, or who made it, but it embodies the spirit of the wolf perfectly. It can be learned from an applied to your everyday life in a good way. There are many different versions of the Celtic wolf code, but I will provide the most complete version I can find.

Protect your family

Respect your elders

Teach the young

Be loyal to your friends

Stand your ground

Take charge when others show weakness

Play when you can

Work when you must

Rest in between

Voice your opinion

Always leave your mark

The wolf teaching of humbleness:

The wolf teaches us about humbleness. He teaches us to respect all walks of life, and to live selflessly in balance with ourselves, and the universe. Nobody is greater, or lesser than anyone else, for we all have our roles to play, and our paths to walk.

“The first thing that the young child sees as he meets the Wolf is that the Wolf will stop and bow its head, which is a reflection of the Wolf showing its humbleness to the presence of the human being.” -Elder Dave Courchene

The wolf teaching of community:

There is strength in numbers, and no one knows this better than the wolf. Wolf relies on his pack for everything, and must play his part in his community. He is not only part of only one community, but many communities that he does not even know he is a part of. Through communities we build relationships, and families, and use these bonds to better our communication, and our state of living in balance, and harmony with all. One must respect every part of the communities they live in from relationships to families to the neighborhood in order to understand, and live with people that are different, and close to you.

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” — Rudyard Kipling

The wolf teaching of intuition:

One must be able to trust their instincts, and intuition. For these gifts will give you an advantage over others who do not use them, and will always serve you for the greater good. This ability is naturally given to all, and can provide knowledge outside your normal perception. There is a calling inside… Will you answer it?

The wolf teaching of freedom:

As an individual you have free will, and you can use this free will in any way you would like, but for everything you do there will be a consequence good, or bad. So run wild, and be free knowing you will always be free, and most likely you will never be truly trapped.

The wolf teaching of loyalty:

Loyalty is something that is gained, but once it is, you will entered a sacred contract with the thing you are loyal to. One you must respect, and honor. For this does not make you submissive to the other, but an ally, and a friend with great bonds. Trust them with every fiber of your being even when times are tough. Be careful for who you give loyalty to, for it is not easily lost.

The wolf teaching of protection:

One must protect things that are important to it. A time will come when you find something you are willing to die for, and protect. You will want to watch this grow, and flourish under your protective eye, and do anything to make sure it is safe. Do not be afraid to protect things that are near, and dear to you. For they are closer to you, then your outside surroundings.

The wolf teaching of death, and re-birth:

Death is a natural, and expected part of life, but most can’t help themselves of being afraid of it. Though all things will come to an end at one point, or another. It should be seen as a new beginning. For nothing truly dies, or is completely destroyed. It is simply reborn into something new. It’s a cycle that stretches on throughout time, and space, forever.

The wolf teaching of path-finding:

Everyone has their own unique path to walk. The wolf does not find you a path to walk, but much rather brings you back to the path that you have already been walking. For your path is connected to you, even if you are not on it. Your soul is pulled towards it, and is fully receptive to its essence. Your path is you, and you are your path, and together you both go forward.

The different energies of the different breeds of wolves:

Where most of wolf magick will focus primarily on the energy of wolves in general. Ted Andrews in his book Animal Speak, when over the energies of each different breed of wolf, and what it represents. It’s pretty much a wolf teaching at this point.

The White Wolf:

The White Wolf or the phantom prefers to be in the spiritual and physical realms at the same time. Balance is the main teaching of the white wolf. Who will help us to bring both of the worlds we walk between together in perfect harmony without sacrificing either of them. So that we might learn the underlying purpose of events, and issues in our life, and the world around us.

The Brown Wolf, The Red Wolf, And The Golden Wolf:

These wolves teach us how to use nature for better health, and to heal. These wolves also teach us how to maintain a balance between the trinity of mind, body, and spirit through the earthly knowledge of medicine. The brown wolf, The red wolf, and the golden wolf are all very earth-based wolves. Allowing them to connect with nature in other ways the other wolves cannot.

The Grey Wolf:

The grey wolf teaches us spiritual connection, and communication. Allowing us to connect with our inner guides, and higher selves to get information that can help us in our daily lives. They seek to be the door to the world that is unseen.

The Black Wolf:

The black wolf teaches us of the physical world. He helps us bring balance into the mundane existence to keep focus on physical issues that are putting our lives. The black wolf will also help us along our chosen spiritual paths.

Fenris’s Rule:

“Shadow. Learn to love and find sacred all the parts of yourself, even the darknesses. Honor them by making a safe place for them, where they can neither be harmed nor harm others.”

Fenrir’s Lesson Extremity by Raven Kaldera:

“What would you die for?

What would you starve for?

What would you crawl across broken glass

Rather than give up? For what would you

Suffer torture, imprisonment, pain

And never entertain the thought of giving in?

Where is that part of you,

Buried deep within the will to survive,

That cannot bend and will not break?

Where is the part of you that you cannot change

And still be yourself, still be

Anything worth being? What would you

Suffer for that final outpost of self?

Have you ever met that Self?

For if you have none, if there is

No final outpost for you that cannot be

Run over, changed, shaped, made safe

For others’ comfort, then you arePrey. Go back to your herd and huddle.

Look admiringly or fearfully at those

With that hard core of Self; you are soft

And therefore disposable. Remember that

When the dogs who guard you

From the likes of me and mine

Show that they are indeed cousins,

Not so far off; their teeth are

Very like mine, especially when bared at you.

Remember that you are their Prey as well,

That they have merely chosen not to eat

Today. What would you never give up?

If there is nothing, go home and do not

Do this work. For when you find that point,

If you have it, you find Me there,

And all that I am, teeth, slaver, claws,

Rivers of blood, lust for flesh, howls of pain,

Chains, stone walls, everything. Either I lie

At the root of your soul, or no matter what your

Fancy words and foolish bluster,

You are Prey. Go home and huddle,

For if I am not within you, I will one day be

At your window, or your door.

One or the other, you choose, or be chosen.

What would you suffer to be your Self?

The chains gall,

But there is no compromise,


To be other than who I am…

How could I let a soulless magic

With the name of Deceiver

Win over me, my will, my magnificent

Screaming future? How could you?

I lie on my side, drooling scarlet,

And await the world’s End.”


When trying to connect with the energy of the wolf, you may want to work with a deity that is responsible for wolves. Here I will be compiling 4 list of entities associated with wolves. One is for deities that are connected to wolves, one for deities that are actually wolves, another one for wolf like, or wolf creatures, and the last one is for non gods associated with wolves.

Deities that are connected to wolves:

Apollo – God of the sun in the Greek mythos.

Zeus – God of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods in the Greek mythos.

Odin –  God of war, death, sky, wisdom, poetry, and king of the Æsir.Hades – God of the underworld in the Greek mythos.

Brighid – Goddess of fertility in the Celtic mythos.

Cernunnos – Horned god of underworld, and the hunt in the Celtic mythos.

Cerridwen – Godddess of the Moon in the Celtic mythos.

Anubis – God of death in the Egyptian mythos.

Wepwawet – God of Abydos in the Egyptian mythos.

Tyr – God of war in the Norse mythos.

Lupercus – God of shepherds in the Roman mythos.

Morrigan – Goddess of war, and conflict in the Celtic mythos.

Xolotl – God of lightning, and dead in the Aztec mythos.

Artemis – Goddess of the moon in the Greek mythos.

Cailleach – Goddess of the winter in the Gaelic mythos.

Deities that are actually wolves:

Lupa Wolf – Goddess of rome in the Roman mythos.

Fenrir – Loki’s son in the Norse mythos.

Hati – Wolf who chases the moon in the Norse mythos.

Skoll – Wolf who chases the sun in the Norse mythos.

Chibiabos – Lord of the dead in the native american tribe of Potawatomi.

Malsum – God of creation in the native american tribes of Wabanaki, and Algonquin.

Moqwaio – Lord of the dead in the native american tribe of Menominee.

Esa – God of creation in the native american tribes of Shoshone, Bannock, and Northern Paiute.

Tivaci – God of creation in the native american tribes of Chemehuevi.

Wolf like creature:

Freki – Wolf who sits at the side of Odin in the Norse mythos.

Geri – Wolf who sits at the side of Odin in the Norse mythos.

Beast of Gevaudan –  Man-eating gray wolf in France.

Barghest – Dark beast wolf-like creature In Northern English folklore.

Amarok – Bearlike wolf that kills Hunters that go out alone.

Kweo Kachina – Native American Spirit

Kerberos / Cerberus – guards the entrance to hades in Greek and Roman mythos.

Lycaon – Werewolf in Greek mythos.

Rugaru – Werewolf in the native american tribe of Metis.

Wasgo – The Sea Wolf. Which is pretty much half killer whale – half wolf.

Yee Naaldlooshii – skin walker.

Non gods associated with wolves:

Merlin – Wizard in Arthurian legend.

Cormac mac Airt – Celtic Hero.

Gwydion fab Dôn – Magician of the Welsh mythos.


Everything has metaphysical correspondences, and the wolf is no different. In the section I will be listing all of the correspondences for the wolf that I know of in a list format.

Element: Earth, and sometimes Water.

Associations: Strength, Freedom, Loyalty, Communication, Intelligence, Intuition, Guidance, Community, Wisdom, Success, Good judge of character, Perseverance, Shape-shifting, Guardian, Teacher, Pathfinder, Cunning, Humbleness, Protection, Death, Re-birth.

Number: 5

Planets: Moon

Archangel: Archangel Michael

Plants: Wolfs-bane, Club Moss, Monkshood, White Willow, Yew

Stones: Moonstone, Scolecite. Pyrite, Calcite, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Apatite , Tourmaline, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Tiger’s Eye

Metals: Silver, Antimony

Hour: Twilight, Midnight

Day: Monday

Season: Winter

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Constellations: Greater Wolf’s Jaw

Symbols, Sigils, Glyphs, Languages, and Alphabets:

These symbols are connected to the wolf. Though I could not find many symbols, these few I did find still should be a help to you in your practice.

Antimony Symbol – Alchemy symbol that represent antimony, the wolf, and the wild nature in all of us.Wolf’s Hook Rune, or Wolfsangel – Symbol that derives from a german wolf trap.

Wolf’s Cross – Thor’s hammer after the norse people switch to Christianity.

The Moon – Any type of moon

The Wolf – Any type of wolf

The Raven – Any type of raven

The Wolf’s Paw – Any type of wolf’s paw

Invocations, Rituals, Spells, Meditations, And Other Practices:

Invoking the wolf:

Invoking the wolf is a way for you to get wolf energy into your life, and practice. Calling upon the spirits of wolves in order to work with them is a fundamental part of wolf magick, and will allow you to act out your intent through their wolf energy. You will be able to build relationships, and loyalty with the spirits of the wolves, through constant use of invoking methods, respect, and honoring them as if they were your elders. When you invoke the wolf you’re calling upon the essence of every single wolf that ever existed, and their energies. There are many ways to invoke the wolf, and these methods can be used separately, or in tangent to make a stronger invocation. Anytime you invoke the spirit of the wolf make sure to thank them for coming, and helping you out. Remember to always be respectful to the energy of the wolf.

Invoking the wolf through calling out:

One of the simplest ways to invoke the wolf is to visualize strongly the wolf, and call out into the universe for the spirit of the wolf to come to you, and give you its aid. It also might be helpful to use some sort of representation of the wolf in order to use the magickal law of similarity. You could also incorporate howling of some type. Which would be like calling the spirit of the wolf in its own right plus you would also be bring in the magickal law of association to aid you in your invocation. Raven Kaldera ones said “There are no songs to invoke Fenris. Just howling. If he desires it, he may answer you – or not.” This shows even the most powerful of wolves can be invoked through calling, and howling.

Invoking the wolf through dance:

The tribal people on earth could invoke the spirits of the wolf through dance by getting into a certain state, and aligning themselves with the energies, and the essence of the wolf. To do this you would need to usually dress up like the wolf to connect closer with the spirit of the wolf. Then you need to create, or find music to dance to. This music can be anything, but it should really get you into the mindset, and invoke visions of the wolf. Once the music is going, and you’re ready to start dancing feel into the presence of the spirit of the wolf. Allow yourself to merge on an energetic level with the energy of the wolf while you dance. You must dance as if you were the wolf. You must let yourself go, and allow yourself to dance the dance of life.

Invoking the wolf through the law of contagion:

Possessing any part of the wolf’s anatomy, or anything that has come in contact with the wolf is connected to it on a spiritual level. This spiritual level can be tapped into, and use in order to invoke the spirit of the Wolf.  The wolf’s energy will also be already permeating from that item, also giving you the medicine of the wolf directly from it. This would be like wearing wolves’ teeth around your neck to gain the protective energy of the wolf.

Invoking the wolf through sigil:

As of writing this, I cannot find many symbols that symbolize the wolf on a pure invoking bases, but if you were going to invoke a wolf through a sigil. You could always try one of the symbols that I actually managed to find, or you could just make your own sigil using any sigil making method. Then all you would have to do is charge, and activate it. The same way you do all the other basic sigils, and that would invoke the spirit of the wolf to you.

Shamanic wolf shape-shifting:

Before anyone thinks this is physical shape-shifting, it is NOT. This type of shape shifting is done by entering a meditative state in which you can do a shamanic journey, and in the shamanic journey you will see yourself as the wolf. This will give you insight into the energies, and the being of a wolf. The purpose of this shamanic journey is for you to  undergo wolf experiences in a spiritual wolf form to learn, and gain connection with the spirit of the wolf. All you have to do to completely achieve shamanic shape-shifting is first go into a deep meditative state. Envision the wolves habitat around you as clear as you can, in your mind’s eye. Then feel, and see yourself taking the form of the wolf. See yourself growing fur, claws, and sharp teeth. Once you see that you are completely in wolf form. Run around your environment, and experience life as a wolf. To get the most out of this technique. You must truly believe that you are the wolf, and try to experience life through its eyes.

Calling the corners with wolves:

Calling the corners with wolves can take place after you cast your circle in any type of ritual, or practice. Not only will this put a guardian for all four elements. The guardians will be pieces of the spirit of the Wolf. So they will bring wolf energy into all your rituals, that you use this technique in. This technique works through invoking the spirits of the wolf in the correct corners corresponding to the elements of the wolf with the elements of the circle. You will be invoking the different breeds of wolves from the wolf teachings, principles, and dogma section of this post. Using any of the invoking methods above to invoke the wolves in their correct corners. You’re going to want to invoke the brown wolf in the north position to watch over earth.  Invoke the gray wolf in the east position to watch over air. Invoke the white wolf in the west position to watch over water. Last, but not least invoke the black wolf in the south position to watch over fire.

Making a wolf altar:

Altars come in all shapes, and sizes, so why not a wolf magick altar. Once this altar is set up you will have a spot in between worlds in which you can communicate, and work with the spirit of the wolf in a sacred space whenever you desire. These altars do not have to be complicated, or traditional to any other altar building practice. This should be personal to you, and be built with things that help you connect with the spirit of the wolf. Things that you could think of including statues of wolves, any types of symbols that have to do with wolves, and/or maybe even pieces of actual wolves if he can acquire them, those they should be collected humanely. Once you have all the stuff compiled into an altar position bring your sacred space to live by casting a circle, calling the corners with wolves, and finally commune with the wolf spirit ask them to stay ever present in the space. Here is also a good place to give offerings to the spirit of the wolf for helping you, and working with you.


The wolf is a being of immense  spiritual knowledge, and power. It’s lessons throughout history have been life long, and it has touched, and shaped every culture through every age. For we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of the wisdom, and knowledge it can provide us. We must take this knowledge, and use it, and batter it to the best of our abilities. For all the information above, it is just a basis to a magick that could be used in all forms of anyone’s practice. If they truly desire. For there is probably many things that I miss in every section, but the basis is here, and can be added to by anyone who desires a little more spirit of the wolf in their life.

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