Yin, and yang are a concept found in Taoism, Chinese philosophy, Chinese medicine, and metaphysics. This concept has to do with two ever-present polar opposite forces that are prevalent in everything in the universe, these energies are called yin, and yang. By understanding this concept you will open yourself up to working with these energies, and being able to work with the duality throughout the entire universe. You will be able to see these two energies interact in all aspects of your life allowing you to have the ability to interact with them, and to work with them on a personal level. This can be adapted, and work within your magick to better your understanding of certain connections in the metaphysical, as well as the physical.

The Symbol

Yin and yang are usually represented in the a symbol call the taijitu, sometimes this is also referred to as the yin-yang symbol. The taijitu is a complete circle separated down the middle with a wavy line that looks a lot like an ’S’. The reason that the taijitu is a circle is to represent the unity, and wholeness of these energies than makeup everything in the universe, along with showing the interconnectedness of these energies. On one side of the ’S’ it is white with a black dot representing the yang, and on the other side it is black with a white dot representing the yin. The reason that the line is curved like an ’S’ is to represent the dynamic place in which these two energies meet. These yin, and yang energies are ever-present in everything. They are the duality that makes up the world. Nothing is completely yin, or yang but a mixture of both, and there will always be a little bit of the opposite one in the other. This is represented on the taijitu by the two dots, that are shown on the two different colored sides. These two energies are opposites but they work together to form the whole.

Yin, and yang are not 100% binary constructs, but much rather laid out on a polarity spectrum. There is no absolute in yin, and yang. This allows certain things to be more of one energy when compared to another energy. For example hot water in bodies yang energy, but hot water is less yang energy then say lava, and when lava is compared against hot water the hot water would be come yin energy, at least in this equation. Yin and yang are never static, but are always dynamically changing. Yin, and yang constructs can always be subdivided into even more yin, and yang aspects. For example this would be something such as water being yin, but when we subdivided you will see that the wetness of the water is yin but if the water was actively moving in a river, the movement would be yang. These energies are not good, or evil, nor is one better than the other, but are two sides of the same coin, in which together these two energies make up a perfect balance.

These energies can be worked with in many different ways, and can be used to greatly empower your working. This could be done by simply increasing the power of yang energy in you’re working. The energy that you would be sending out to manifest your will would be a lot more aggressive, and will be more direct. This would be better for such things as magical workings were you need a faster, and direct energy such as banishment, exorcism, protection,  manifesting desires, and any other place you can think of that you need this energy. You could also do the same thing with the yin any time that you would need more creative, chaotic, and passive energy such as something to help with spirit communication, astral projection, meditation, and dreams, among many other things.


Correspondences: Night, earth, moist, space, defensive, goddess, feminine, cold, end, slow, north, west, down, water, intuition, moon, even numbers, passive, and much, much more.

Yin is the black side with the white dot on the taijitu. Yin is represented by the dark. It is soft, intuitive, non direct, and it embodies feminine energy.


Correspondences: Day, heaven, dry, the absence of space, offensive, god, masculine, hot, beginning, fast, south, east, up, fire, air, logic, odd numbers, active, and much, much more.

Yang is the white side with the black dot on the taijitu. Yang is represented by the light. It is hard, direct, and it embodies masculine energy.

This is only the absolute basic understanding of yin, and yang, and there is much more that you can learn about these amazing energies. This is a very important understanding to have in order to better understand the world around you. I hope you found this post interesting, and thank you for reading at my friend’s I appreciate it.

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