Bind runes are a typographic ligature of multiple runes. These bind runes incorporate the energies of the runes they are made out of in order to strengthen, and/or create new energies that can be used by a practitioner. Bind runes are much like sigils except they do not need to be charged. This is due to the fact that the runes are already powerfully charge magickal symbols. Bind runes can be use as powerful magickal tailsmans, and can even be use to mark things to show ownership. These runes can be made very simply by picking out what type of desire you want to create, then picking runes that will allow you to get to that desire, or are associated with that desire. After that you can take the runes, and connect them all together in an amalgamation, or you can connect them together more like a sentence in a form of bind rune referred to as a same-stave rune. Do this until you end up with a unique, and personal symbol to represent, and impact your desire. Bind runes that are usually made to mark things to show ownership are made from the initials, or name of the person, and will be used to emphasize their energy. These personal bind runes can be used to give aspects of that person’s energy, or personality, or to even reinforce, or enhance it. You can use any form of runes in order to make a Bind rune such as the elder futhark, the younger futhark, the Anglo-Saxon futhorc, the Armanen Futharkh, Etc. Once you create your bind rune draw, carve, or place your bind rune wherever you would like the intended energy to permeate, and to take shape. If you would ever like to stop the bind rune all you have to do is simply destroy it.

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