This is the how to use sigils post! This was made so I can link out to it when people ask me how do I use sigils, primarily the sigils here provided on my blog. I will also link to all my sigil posts at the very end, so you can learn more about sigils, and how to use them. There are three steps in order to use any sigil.  These steps are creation, charging, and activation. We’re going to take a short look at each step, and go over how you do them.


In this step you will be creating your own personal sigil, or you will select one from somebody else’s collection. I’m not going to go into the process of how to create a sigil here, but you will be able to find the information on that here:

How to make Sigils

This post is more about how to use sigils, and not how to create them. You are going to want to create, or find a sigil that has to do with the intention you wish to bring into your life. This can be pretty much anything that can be achieved with spiritual energy, or the power of the subconscious mind. Once you have a sigil picked out, or you have created one that fits your desire you are ready to move on to the next step.


In order to charge your sigil you are going to need a representation of it. Whether that be spiritual, mental, or physical representation of the sigil. All you have to do is construct something that is similar to the sigil. Once you have your representation you can then begin the charging process on it. In order to do this you need to interact, or have another construct interact with the sigil in order to send energy into the representation of the sigil, and to implanted in your, or others’ subconscious. This can be done in a multitude of ways such as but not limited to:

  • Pushing energy into the sigil by using energy work.
  • Meditating intently on the sigil.
  • Dancing around the sigil.
  • Chanting over the sigil.
  • Masturbating on to the sigil.
  • Masturbating while looking into the sigil.
  • Burning candles around, or on the sigil.
  • Rubbing blood upon the sigil.
  • Anointing the sigil with essential oils, holy water, spit, semen, and many other substances
  • Putting the sigil in the sunlight, or moonlight.
  • Having the sigil by a crystal grid.
  • Placing a charged crystal on top of the Sigil.
  • Looking at the sigil while causing pain to yourself, or another.
  • Submerging the sigil in water.
  • Having sex around the sigil, on top of the sigil, or while looking at the sigil.
  • Talking to the Sigil as if it was a person, trying to convince it to do it job.
  • Having people see and/or interact with the sigil.
  • Speaking about the sigil to other people.
  • Having the sigil on your person while going through your day
  • Having the sigil on you while skydiving.
  • Having the sigil near you while you playing video games.
  • Focusing on the sigil while being in a intense emotional state.
  • Drawing your Sigil on something, and burying it.
  • Asking a higher power to charge the sigil for you.
  • Praying over the sigil.
  • Singing over the sigil.
  • Giving birth over or near the sigil.
  • Something dying, or being killed near around the sigil.
  • Making contact with the sigil through any form of contact such as tapping touching or moving
  • Passing through the sigil incense smoke
  • Place the sigil in front of music speakers while music is playing
  • Breathing on the sigil
  • Having the sigil outside in a thunderstorm
  • placing your phone on top of the sigil, while your phone is charging.

All you have to do is pick one, or multiple of these charging methods, and do them preferably when you are in a meditative state, so that you can begin to strengthen the power of the sigil that you are using. Once you feel that it is adequately charged you will then be able to move on to the next and final step, which is activation.


This is where you are going to send your desire into the universe and you are going to activate it in your subconscious, so that it can begin to start working behind the scenes, and your energy can go forth, and begin to push things towards your desire. There are two forms of activation these are active activation, and passive activation. Active activation is a more forceful form of activation that comes from the act of destroying the sigils representation. Through this act all of the spiritual energy is released, and sent into the universe all at once to act out your will, and the sigil is lost to your conscious mind allowing it to ramp up in your subconscious mind. Passive activation is a very grounded form of activation that comes from the sigils representation being told to work. This will release energy over time allowing your will to be acted upon in a very passive way, and it will also be used as a constant reminder to your subconscious to allow the desire of the sigil to work. All sigils are passive sigils in the beginning until they are activated, or if they have a trigger set on them. Below I will tell you techniques for activating in both methods of activation:

Active Activation:

  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and burning it in fire
  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and submerging it in water until it dissolves.
  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and ripping the paper in half.
  • Drawing the sigil in to the sand at the beach, and letting the sea wash it away.
  • Drawing the sigil in the air with your energy, and pushing through it in order to destroy it.
  • Making the sigil out of dust, or powder, and then blowing it away to destroy it.
  • Making the sigil in your mind, and then imagining it being destroyed to activate it.
  • Putting the sigil on food then eating it.
  • Drawing the sigil on a firework, and then set it off.
  • Drawing the sigil on a balloon, and then pop it.
  • Drawing the sigil on your body, and then wash it away.
  • Singing the sigil out loud for all to hear.
  • Playing a music, or an audio sigil out loud for all to hear.
  • Place the sigil on a piece of paper, and rip it up.
  • Draw  the sigil on a rock, and throw it in a body of water.
  • Drawing the sigil on food using something that is edible, and then eating it.
  • Putting the sigil on a cigarette, and then smoking it.

Passive Activation:

  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper.
  • Drawing the sigil on your body.
  • Carving sigils into a candle, and lighting the candle.
  • Carving sigils into soap, and washing your body with the soap.
  • Making a sigil amulet.
  • Writing the sigils upon stone.
  • Carved into wood or stone.
  • Drawing on piece of papers to make fu talisman
  • Placing the sigil as your computer, or phone background.
  • Posting an image of the sigil online.
  • Drawing the sigil  with chalk on the street, or sidewalk

Once you activate your sigil you are done with it, and your desire will start working, and all you have to do is wait for results. If you want to stop your sigil, and it is a passive sigil you can destroy it, releasing what energy it has left, and then wait for that energy to run its course. This will also force it completely into your subconscious which will eventually dissipate. If it is an active sigil you can wait for it to run its course, or you can cast another sigil to nullify the first one. That’s all there is to it my friends. Good luck using sigils.

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  1. Yes, THANK YOU I’m going to put it like this ”(Sigil to Return what is of great importance to me, what was took/stolen, so that we can be together once more!)”


  2. I don’t know if you will receive this, but I wanted you to know that your make it rain sigil is spreading throughout Facebook. Folks are utilizing it for Australia. Kudos for you. 🦋


  3. hey! i have a question, does it matter if the sigil is not mine? or do i have to make it, cuz i`ve seen a lot in google and pinterest. thx!


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