The magickal name is a concept in which a practitioner comes up with, or receives a name in which they will use when they are interacting with their practice, or craft. These names can be anything but usually have a lot of meaning to them, and are very personal to the practitioner who owns the name. These names are also used primarily to protect the practitioner in spaces with a lot of magickal practitioners, so a practitioner with negative intentions cannot use their name as a tag lock. These names also connect the practitioner to their craft, and sort of keeps them grounded in their magickal mindset. It is a way to separate yourself from the mundane world, and allow yourself to awaken to a different reality. A reality filled with more magick, and wonder. To create one of these names you should find something that is meaningful to you, and use it to inspire, or be your name. You could also spend some time in meditation, and receive one from your guides, guardians, higher self, angels, or deity. This is something that will be very personal to you, so the process of creating that should be very personal as well. Your name could take on some form of meaning that you wished to see in you, or your life. It could be a name that has to do with your deity that you are connected to, or an energy that you find appealing. You do not have to have a magickal name, but it is a practice a lot of practitioners take part in, and should be understood.

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