The power hand, and receptive hand is a concept of knowing the energy centers in your hands. One of your hands is known as the power hand. This is the hand that is better at pushing out energy, and directing it. Most of the time this is your dominant hand. The other hand is known as the receptive hand. This hand is better at sensing energy, and bringing energy into your body. This hand is a wonderful tool for when you’re trying to feel into things, and most of the time this is your recessive hand. By understanding what hand is which you will be able to use the correct hand for the right purpose making it easier to do energetic methods, and techniques. These skills are not exclusive to one hand, but it will be more powerful if you use the correct hand for the correct job. This is because it would be a lot like trying to write with your non-dominant hand, you can do it but it’s going to be a lot harder, unless you train up your abilities in it. So take some time, and try to learn which of your hands is more projective in which one is more receptive. It will probably help you later in your energetic practices, by allowing you to know exactly how your energy flows through your hands.


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