This is a sigil method that I have made, and I’d like to call them hand tapping sigils. Hand tapping sigils are sigils that are made from statements of intent, and are acted out through the tapping of certain spots on your fingertips. Certain spots of a finger will correlate to different letters allowing the practitioner to tap out their intention, so that they can send it out into the universe, while also reaffirming their intention in their subconscious. This sigil method is charged through your own energy, and focus, and will be activated and sent out by the act of you doing it. These sigils are versatile, and can be used anywhere without tools, or attracting attention.

1) First, like usual sigils you need to make a statement of intent. I will be using this one as an example.

“I Am Protected”

2) Next you’re going to want to shorten that statement of intent a lot.  hand tapping sigils can get quite complicated, quite fast. So in order to keep it on the simple side we need to only used the letters that really speak to your intention. It is primarily going to be the first letters of every word, or any other letters that you deem usable. It is really up to you what you want to use, but it should end up to be a small amount of letters, so that you can actually perform the hand tapping sigils. Feel free to put the letters in any pattern that you would like in order to make the sigil more personal and unique to you. This is what I ended up with for this statement of intent:

“A I P”

3)  Now that we have our letters we are going to tap them out on our fingers. In order to do this you’re going to need to use the chart below, so that you know the correct position to tap for each letter correspondence. Now you are going to want to put your hands palms facing each other, and in order to tap the letter you are going to push it with your opposite hand, much like you’re using your fingers as a keyboard on the correct position that corresponds to the letter that you want. This would be like if you wanted to tap the letter ‘R’ you would take one of the fingers of your left hand, and touch it to the middle finger middle position, or ‘R’ spot in order to tap it. You would do this with every letter left from your statement of intent, so that you can cast your sigil. The letter that is tapped will be the letter receiving the pushing force. This is so letters that are on the same position on the opposite hand are not mistaked for the tapping of one another, especially after a quick succession. This could be used in order to discern things like a ‘B’ tap from an ‘I’ tap. You would most likely not only tap the sigil out once, but do it multiple times much like if you were chanting silently with your hands. that’s all there really is to hand tapping sigils, and they are simple, but effective tools that can be brought into your working, and could be quite useful from time to time.

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