By taking a sigil, and inverting in it you will also be able to change the sigil’s energies, and intention into the opposite, exalted, and/or recessive version of itself. When a construct, becomes inverted their meaning also changes in our mental subconsciousness, and in the metaphysical properties of the symbol. This will result usually in an energy, and intention that is close to the original sigil, but is slightly off, and will also take on some other meanings. This process is much like when you invert a cross, a pentagram, a rune, or a tarot card, and will lead to a shift in energy, and intention. This can be incredibly useful when wanting to change, and energy into a different form of itself, or when you want to counter the energy of one thing by using the opposite version of it. By using this on a name sigil you will bring out the negative qualities of the person who owns the name, so that you can use those negative qualities in your working, and magickal practice. If a sigil is horizontally symmetrical then it can still be semi-inverted by turning it to the side but if the sigil is horizontal, and vertically symmetrical then it will not be able to be inverted, and used in this way. This can be very useful, if you figure out ways that you can use it in your practice, and can allow you to work with your sigils and ways you never have before.

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