Sigil placement is important for passive sigils to work effectively, and practically. Depending upon where these sigils are place can determine the sigil surroundings, what the sigil is going to be affecting, Sigil triggers, and charging methods for the sigil. This should be taken into consideration in order for your sigil to work at its maximum potential. These passive sigils should usually be kept as close as possible to what their intent is said to affect. This will allow their energy to travel less of a distance, and be more connected to what it is trying to effect. It is also a good idea to put your sigils in a place where they will be able to be charged by either you, or some other force in order to keep up their energy so that they can continue on to work. If your sigil is supposed to be triggered by a certain thing, then placing it in a place where it will end up being triggered would be your best place to place it.  The sigil surroundings can also interact with the energy and intention of the sigil allowing it to work in ways that may be more effective, or in different ways than what you want. Everything that is around the sigil will interact, and will provide it a form of energy, and intention even, if what it provides is very subtle. This would be like drawing a sigil on a blue background your sigil would take on a bit of the metaphysical properties, and energy of the blue background, and this would slightly affect its intention, and the way that it is perceived. But, this would completely change if you decided to draw it up on a red background, and it would slightly take on the energies, and intentions of the red background. This also works with all forms of materials and things that you will write your sigil on, and can be taken into consideration in order to further the effectiveness of your sigil based on the metaphysical properties, and intention a material gives off. Other symbols around the sigil will also affect how the sigil works both energetically, and mentally. Mentally your subconscious may also associate those symbols with your intention when they are near to the sigil, and vice versa allowing you to sort of connect intentions. Energetically these energies of other symbols will also interact with the energy of your sigil, allowing it to mix, and transmute into a different energy altogether. You can learn more about sigil surroundings from this previous posts at this URL:

Placing sigils near your body can be very helpful in allowing them to affect your self, and personal life. So sigils being carried with you can allow that energy, and intention that you’re trying to bring into your life to be with you throughout it. This could be done by simply writing the sigil on a piece of paper, and keeping it with you in your pocket, or you can go for something more permanent, and get some form of tattoo of the sigil. This would allow the sigil to also work off your energy, and to always be accessible to you, so that you can activate its trigger whenever you need to work towards that desire. If you wanted to affect an amount of people. or a place you could also put sigils up in a public area, or on the Internet, so that the sigil can affect everything that comes in contact with it, and the area itself. People would also be able to charge the sigil for you with their site, and interaction, even if they are unwillingly, and this will help you further your desire. It is also important to keep in mind the sigils connection to other versions of the same sigil, and any form of linking sigil, because this connection can be used, and harnessed in order for you to affect a certain area. The space between the two sigils will have the same energy, and intention of the sigils allowing them to interact with everything between them, and can be used to make spiritual perimeters that the intention, and energy will work within. Placing sigils on specific items will allow the energies, and the intentions of the sigils to work on that item. This can be very helpful for when creating amulets, tailsmans, and other enchanted items. Sigil placements do not always have to be visible, but being visible can greatly help sometimes by allowing it to be your reaffirmed in your subconscious in to be charged by your site, or anyone else’s. The sigils that are not seen will also still be very effective especially when placed in the right situation, and area. Sigil placement is very important to be aware of, and can greatly affect the effectiveness of your sigil, and can help you in many ways if you take the time to learn it.

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