Sigil triggers are specific instructions that cause the sigil to activate. These instructions can be programmed into passive sigils, and will be used to trigger the activation of a sigil, when you are ready to use it. These can be incredibly helpful when you are trying to make more dynamic sigils. In order to set a trigger upon a sigil you can work the trigger into the statement of intent, you can create another sigil with the trigger intent, and create some form of mixed sigil by using both sigils, or when you are charging the sigil you can tell the sigil, when it should activate, and releases energies. You can set a sigil trigger on any form of action, so that when this act is executed your desire will be sent out into the universe to manifest, and will take shape in your subconscious allowing you to work towards your desire. Using sigil triggers will allow your sigil to build up some energy before it is activated, and starts its manifestation process. It will also allow the energy of the Sigil to be used more sparingly, allowing the sigil to keep its charge longer. In order to work a trigger into a statement of intent all you need to do is write it in the statement of intent. This would be something like “I am protected whenever I tap the sigil”. There are many different ways that you can trigger a Sigil so it is important to be creative with it, and to think outside the box so you do not accidentally trigger it. Once the trigger is activated you can always use another trigger in order to place it back to its nullified state. Sigil triggers are a great thing to know, so that you can use your sigils in a more dynamic, and diverse way.

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