The Soul Star

Element: Air

Location:  It is an energy center that is located outside the physical body, but is inside the aura, and etheric body. and 6 inches above your crown chakra.

Color: White, or Magenta

Metaphysical Attributes: Divine unity, Ascension, Enlightenment, Connection to your higher self, Spiritual essence, and Connection to higher planes of existence.

The Soul Star is also said to be called the solar star, or the seat of the soul. This is the point where we connect to our higher selves, and where they are able to communicate, and interact with us. It is greatly connected to ascension, and enlightenment and is one of the main places that we draw in spiritual energy from. This energy center is said to work like an sending point for our higher self to communicate with us, and will allow it to send down specific energies to help us along our path.If this energy center is over activated you may feel very distant from your world, and body, and you may also feel overcharged. If this energy center is blocked you will not be able to communicate with your higher self as easily, and this will make you have a loss of direction, and confusion. The soul star is different than the crown chakra, because it is the sender that allows our higher selves to communicate with us rather than the receiver for our lower vehicle being.

The Earth Star

Element: Earth

Location: It is an energy center that is located outside the physical body, but is inside the aura, and etheric body, and is located 8-12 inches beneath the soles of your feet.

Color: black, dark brown, deep red or aqua

Metaphysical Attributes: Grounding, Rejuvenation, Restoration, Connection to the Earth, The physical world, Life path, and Karma.

Most of the time this energy center is referred to as the earth star, but it has also been referred to as the super root energy center. This energy center is your connection to the physical world, and your life path, and is the anchor that keeps you grounded in it. It does this by working with the root chakra, and your energy centers in your feet to facilitate balance, and connection to this plane of existence. This chakra is also related to the karmic cycle, and also keeps you grounded to your past lives. When this energy center is balanced you will be balanced and grounded in your physical life. you will be able to bring the energies, and higher vibrational frequencies down into the physical world where they will be able to help you more effectively. This energy center connects you with earth energy, and can be used to dissipate negative energy that you may pick up their your daily life. When does energy center is blocked or is under activated you will feel unbalanced, disconnected from everything around you, and less connected to your spirituality, your ancestors, and to your life path. This chakra becomes unbalanced from busyness, and a lack of mindfulness in your everyday life, along with the usual ways energy centers become unbalanced. Having this energy center activated will allow you to be grounded, see beyond situations, be connected to the earth, and the collective consciousness of all beings, and will also allow you to have peace of mind. This energy center is connected to the life that we are living, and the lessons that we learn from it. It is also been said that this is the place where the energies from our astrological signs are stored, and impact us, along with storing the energies that connect you to your ancestors, and family in this lifetime. The earth star is different than the root chakra, because of its focuse on your connection to the entities that walk beside you, your ancestors, and your life path specifically in this incarnation.

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