Verbal sigils also known as mantrical sigils are phrases of intent scrambled together in order to make a chant, or mantra that can be said as an affirmation. These verbal sigils work just like other forms of sigils, and will draw your desire to you through the act of sending your will out into the universe, and by implanting it deep within your subconscious to act in the background. This is a pretty simple process, and can be quite creative like other sigils. The way that you can make verbal sigils is by first creating a statement of intent, It can be pretty much anything, and can be written out like so:

“People follow my blog” e.g

Now that you have your statement of intent you are going to want to switch the letters around, so that you make a bunch of nonsense words. I also like to keep the exact same number of words that was in the original statement of intent, but this is not necessary, and you can have some fun with it. Once completed it would look something like this:

“Lob Oyllep Felgow Mop” e.g

Once you’re done with that you will have your verbal sigil, and you can then use this in your magickal practice. These sigils can be used in multiple ways and can bequite versatile, and helpful if you know how to use them. These sigils can be written down in order to be used as physical representations like other sigils, and will be able to be charged, and activated in the passive, and active activation methods that are common to other sigils. These can also be said in order to be charged, and activated through the act of you speaking them, and can be repeated over, and over again, so that you can invoke the desire that you want. You can say these sigils out loud, or in your head to yourself, either way will work perfectly fine while using verbal sigils.  These verbal sigils when spoken are usually meant to be said multiple times in order for them to work and most likely will not give you good results if said only once. This is because when you say a verbal sigil it builds up energy, and intention towards your desire, and it also builds up the imprint of your desire in your subconscious. The best time to say verbal sigils would be when you are in a meditative, or gnosis state, so that your mind can be completely focused on the words that you are vocalizing. You could also record yourself vocalizing the verbal sigil, so that the recording can activate the sigil for you. Another way that you could use vocal sigils is by simply focusing on the phrase itself during deep thought, so that the intention of the sigil can be engrained deep within your consciousness. These can also be spoken at others like curses, or blessings, allowing that desire to be cast upon that individual. Verbal sigils can also be made for classic written forms of sigils, and can be used to activate, and charge them through the act of speaking that phrase. All, and all of verbal sigils are very helpful, and can help you in your magical practice if you allow them to.

Here is a list of a couple verbal sigil that you can use:

Protection = “Ceti Drop Amte”

love  = “Isov Tracted Atle Meto”

banishment =  “Teyu Aru Onwe Lreco Heme”

calm = “Iabs Mame Olly Calut”

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