After you are done charging, and filling your sigil with your intent you must go through the process of activating it. Activation is the process of firing your sigil into the universe along with the act of allowing the sigil to work in your subconscious. There are two types of ways to activate your sigil. These two types of ways are passive, and active sigil activation. Both of these types of ways have their own benefits, and it is important to understand how to use both of them, so that you can pick the right one for the job.

Active Sigil Activation:

In active sigil activation the energy is usually released all at once, or in a very immediate fashion. This type of activation is usually going to be done through the act of destruction of the sigil, so that all the energy that has been charged into it can be released and fired into the universe, and your mind can greatly actively focus on the sigil that has been marked upon your subconscious. This is usually going to be used for such sigils that are used once on one particular thing. This is really good for quick, and fiery manifestation, but it will go out, and try to complete its task, and then burn out rather quickly. This type of method should be used on things that you want done that are pretty direct, and will only need to be impacted once.

Ways to activate active sigils:

  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and burning it in fire.
  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and submerging it in water until it dissolves.
  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and ripping the paper in half.
  • Drawing the sigil in to the sand at the beach, and letting the sea wash it away.
  • Drawing the sigil in the air with your energy, and pushing through it in order to destroy it.
  • Making the sigil out of dust, or powder, and then blowing it away to destroy it.
  • Making the sigil in your mind, and then imagining it being destroyed to activate it.
  • Putting the sigil on food then eating it.
  • Drawing the sigil on a firework, and then set it off.
  • Drawing the sigil on a balloon, and then pop it.
  • Drawing the sigil on your body, and then wash it away.
  • Singing the sigil out loud for all to hear.
  • Playing a music, or an audio sigil out loud for all to hear.
  • Place the sigil on a piece of paper, and rip it up.
  • Draw the sigil on a rock, and throw it in a body of water.
  • Putting the sigil on a cigarette, and then smoking it.
  • Write it on a dry erase board, and then erase the sigil.
  • Take a picture of the sigil, and then delete the image.
  • Writing it on the condensation of a window, or mirror, and then allowing it to disappear.
  • Writing it in the air with a sparkler, and allowing it to eventually fade.
  • Vibrating the sigil with your voice.
  • Signing the sigil with sign language.
  • Using a hand tapping sigils.

Passive Sigil Activation:

In passive sigil activation the energy is usually released overtime through a very moderate, and controlled fashion. This method is done through the act of keeping your sigil around, so that it can continue to work, and releases energy when it is needed. This may be continuously releasing energy overtime, or being triggered at a certain point to release energy. This makes for a very Earthy form of manifestation. This allows this sigil not to use all the energy at once, but to continue working for an extended period of time, or only when it is triggered. This also allows the sigil to work in a more dynamic way allowing it to work to fulfill its desire, or intent in a more ever-present, and passive manner. It will be use only when it is needed, making that sigil more versatile in its actions. Passively activated sigils will always be active, unless they have a trigger. You will have to recharge your sigils if you are using this method every once in awhile after they get low on energy, unless they have a source to draw energy from.

Ways to activate Passive Sigils:

  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper.
  • Drawing the sigil on your body.
  • Getting a tattoo of the sigil on your body
  • Carving sigils into a candle, and lighting the candle.
  • Carving sigils into soap, and washing your body with the soap.
  • Making a sigil amulet.
  • Writing, or carved the sigils upon wood, or stones.
  • Drawing it in energy upon something
  • Placing the sigil as your computer, or phone background.
  • Posting an image of the sigil online.
  • Drawing the sigil with chalk on the street, or sidewalk.
  • Having a piece of clothing with the sigil on it, or sewn into it.
  • Drawing it in a public place.

If you have any other methods of activation, I would love to hear about them?


  1. pls i want to know if i get the picture of a sigil online and i want to activate it and use how do i go about,which step.
    i will be very happy for ur help. thank u


  2. I actually do have one question. In reading this article, it clarified a lot for me about passive sigil activation more than active (because I’m very familiar with active sigil work). In the event that the passive sigil would need to be recharged, how/what are ways that you can recharge it? I have a sigil in the form of a tattoo, that has numerological meaning behind it & incorporates runes as well. Since a passive sigil is meant to release energy over time, or when triggered, I was wondering if you could give me any tips about how to recharge it?

    Thank you! 😀


    • In order to recharge the sigil my friend all you would have to do is go through a charging method that could be done on your skin. Which could be something as simple as meditating while focusing on the sigil, and its location on your body, or expose that part of your body so people would be able to interact with that sigil. Any charging method that could be used to charge a Sigil could also be used to recharge the sigil my friend. You will be able to find more Methods for charging here at this link:


  3. One thing that i usually do is I carve my sigil of choice into ice and put it in my cup of coffee or tea in the morning and drink it 🙂


    • I Put a sigil on my apple and then eat simple.I also write it on peace of paper and put it on my phone or aipad when it charging.


  4. Hi back in April of this year I drew a few different sigils for various things, I tried my best to charge them individually, one of them was to make me successful in my work. I work freelance as a relief chef working on short contracts of a few weeks to about a month at a time, but over the past 3 or 4 years I had problems which affected my work and I found myself sliding down a slippery slope of failure after failure, bad press means that the employment agency who gets me the work (there were several different ones) eventually stop doing anything for me or they only offer me the jobs nobody else wants to do. They stopped phoning me and when I phoned them they very rarely wanted to know me. So back in April of this year I designed a sigil which I really liked, I drew it several times until I felt it was right, I then charged it with calming my body and I tried real hard to focus on my sigil and told it that I wanted to improve my skills at work and once again become good at my job as I once was before. I then saw a different employment agency who only wanted to work with self employed people (that is me) I contacted them and they put me in a job in a very nice upmarket country house hotel in the Scottish Borders (I live in the UK) anyway the job was for around 1 month and just after I started working there I my new boss really liked me and my work, they contacted my agency and informed my agent that they were happy with me and my work, after this job the same agency immediately got me more work this time only for a week though but once again the new employer was so happy they contacted my agent and told them that my work was very good, (this started to give me more confidence in myself again) So at the end of this one week job I was offered another position in another country house hotel in the Scottish Highlands where there would be less pressure in the job but also that they would be offering even more money than I had before so it would be a win, win situation and again this job was for one month contract, once againthe management in this new job started to praise me for my work and my ability to do the job, I was receiving great feedback from the hotel’s general manager, their head chef and lots of other people too, and of course this filtered back to my agent who has been very happy towards me because it gives him a good reputation as well. This week I am on a foreign vacation in Eastern Europe as I feel I needed a break and so did my wife, so back to the sigil again…… I keep it folded in my wallet which I keep in my wallet almost all of the time, should I take it out and recharge it ?? and also do I need to recharge it in the exact same way as before ?? because I don’t remember the exact things I said to my sigil when I activated it in the first place ?? or should I just glance at it occasionally and put it back in the wallet and forget about it for a while ?

    Sorry to babble on


    P.S…..I like your site 🙂


  5. I have made sigils for weight loss and getting a job, on my wrist.
    The very next day one of my friends called me to go for work out with him. So i thought my sigil started working. But the next day i couldn’t go out for exercise. Would i be able to reduce my weight?
    And the next thing i want to know is how may i make my job sigil work for me. And in how many days it can give me results.


    • Yes my friend you should be able to reduce your weight, but it also depends on many different factors relating to probability. charge and activate your job sigil, and keep it with you as you fill out applications. The timeframe changes depending upon probability of you fitting a job, and the power in which you put into the sigil.


  6. I am pretty new to this but I put my digit on a piece of paper and then put it in my phone case do you think this will work for a passive sigil activation


  7. Hello! I made a sigil to make the food in my kitchen always taste good (I know it’s weird) and I just drew it on a piece of paper. I used thread to hang it up, and firmly stated that it was active. I have shown it to another person, I held it and focused on it, but I am fairly new and can’t burn it (No fire or lighters at my home at the moment). I just want to know if it will work?


  8. Hey, actually I read your blog it’s intersting. I have a question that I want to activate a member sigli and an alpha sigli will you please tell me how to activate them….
    Thank you…😃


  9. Great ideas – thanks for sharing them. I especially like the idea of carving a sigil in soap and washing with it!

    I have to admit I’m terminally lazy and impatient so I tend not to uses sexual or meditative means of charging. I’m not big on strong emotional states, either. So lately I’ve been drawing my sigils and staring at them while I pedal like mad on the exercise bike until I’m out of breath and feeling the burn. Usually takes about 5 minutes! It puts me into a slightly different state of mind and fits into my daily life – I don’t want to overthink or complicate something as neat and simple as sigil magic. As a passive activation I’m storing a photo of it on my phone – again quick and simple but I’m guessing deleting the photo and re-photographing the original drawing will work to re-charge.

    Just thought I’d share what’s working for me right now. 🙂

    My only problem is forgetting about the sigil and intent and hiding it in my subconscious. Usually I’m using sigils to get something I really want, something that’s a conscious pre-occupation. I’d be interested in any tips on how conscious or unconscious a working needs to be and how to get and stay in the right magical headspace.


  10. Hello and thank you for your good site, I drew a few sigils on some papers and charged them with breath and saliva and put a piece of my hair inside each of the papers and wrote my wish under each one and all of them I put them in a box and hid them and I want their effect to be permanent and keep them forever, is this possible? Or do I have to burn them again after a while and draw them again? Or is there no need to do so? And I wrote below each one that it works for me as long as I do not burn the paper, do I have to burn the paper after a while and draw again? Or do I have to recharge the same papers with just my breath? Or because I gave them time to do the work for me until I burned the paper, no need to recharge?


    • It depends on what the for my friend but if you need it to continuously have the same effect you’re going to have to recharge it or redraw it. Every once in awhile but it depends also on what it is for.


  11. Thanks a lot for your answer 🙏 do you know how can i use the sigil magic manifest quickly with other sigils that they work quickly? Can i use it with one or two sigils in one paper and burn it? For example can i paint the sigil magic manifest quickly and marriage sigil together in one paper and burn it?


  12. My friend I paint the sigil to have strong magic and the sigil to make magic manifest quickly and the sigil marriage together in one paper and burn it, I did this for a faster result 🙄 is it true?


  13. Thank you for this post. It’s my go-to while learning. Just wondering what you think of sleep sigils. I have designed one for a good night’s sleep and included the infinity symbol. Do you think an active sigil activation would work for this or would passive be better? I’m torn – the infinity symbol makes me think that active should work fine but I’m wavering on this one. Thoughts?


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