A sigil matrix is a network of linking sigils that are connected together to create a form of spiritual perimeter in which will be able to be influenced, and controlled by the practitioner. The practitioner will be able to control the sigil matrix by interacting with the collection of linking sigils usually laid out in a chaos sphere, or other sigil design that is usually part of a sigil altar. A chaosphere is made by having a 3D shape usually a dodecahedron with personal linking sigils you have made on each side of the shape that will correlate to the other sigils that are on the perimeter of your sigil matrix allowing you to send out an interact with energies from the altar. This will allow the practitioner to influence what goes on inside of the spiritual perimeter, so that they can act out their desire, and will upon their area of influence. These can be used when you’re trying to make sigils affect a larger area like a town, or a county. These sigil matrices are usually watched over by a specific spirit, thoughtform, or deity and are responsible for keeping it running well, protected, and charged up. These entities will usually be fed, or given offerings for doing so, and are usually a very important part of keeping the sigil matrix running smoothly. Sigil matrices can be incredibly powerful, and can help you send your intent into a specific area. Once you have set off your sigil matrix all you would need to do in order to interact with the surrounding area is push a specific energy into the chaosphere on the sigil altar, and this would in turn send it out to affect the world around you. If this concept was understood, and harness by a practitioner it could be used in such interesting ways from warding to influence in the world around them.

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