Desire Sigils:

A desire sigil is a sigil that’s intention is based around a desire. These are one of the most common forms of sigils, and are used by practitioners to manifest their desires upon the universe. To make a desire sigil you will use a statement of intent that explains what you want to happen, so that it can push you towards that goal. Desire sigils would be something like sigils for protection, sigil for prosperity, or sigil to have a good job interview. These sigils will be cast out into the universe, and ingrained in your subconscience in order to carry out what you want to happen. The sigil will be charged, and activated, and will use its energy, and intention to carry out its task. These sigils are very useful, and will help you get what you want.

Name Sigils:

A name sigil is a sigil that’s intention is based around a construct, or an entity’s name. Any type of name can be used to make name sigils. The name just has to be associated with the construct, or entity that you are using it to represent. This could be names such as a first name, a middle name, a last name, a username, a nickname, a magick name, along with many others. These names sigils are used in many ways from being used as taglocks in order to target constructs, or entities, to being used as a form of magical signature to mark ownership. They have also been used to invoke, and evoke entities that a practitioner wants to bring forth, and can even be created as a way to get a hold of certain entities. These sigils will also be connected to anything that holds that name, and can be used to represent, and target any of the other name holders.  Name sigils would be something like name sigils for Jack, name sigil for Machu Picchu, or name sigil for Loki. The sigils will also have the energy of the entity, and constructs that they are made for, and can be used to by a name holder to get more of their own energy, or it can be used by somebody else to gain attributes much like the name holder possesses. These are also great tools in order to ground, and bind servitors, and other Spirits to locations, and objects. Name sigils are a powerful form of sigils that can connect to so many entities and constructs.

Correspondence Sigils:

Correspondence sigils are sigils that use the properties of another construct by invoking that construct. These types of sigils are used to gain the energetic attributes, and metaphysical properties of a specific construct. This would be like making a sigil for fire, so that it could invoke fire energy into your practice, and you could use it to be more creative, powerful, aggressive, and energized, among other things. This could be done with a whole cast of different types of constructs, and could be incredibly useful if used in very creative manners. This could also be used to replace certain energies, and ingredients in spells, and rituals, allowing you to save on materials, and to procure some energy of something you might not have access to. Other examples of Correspondence sigils would be things like a sigil of Pisces, a sigil of lavender, and a sigil of the wolf.

Linking sigils:

Linking sigils are sigils that are connected to each other through an energetic link. These sigils can be helpful when trying to transfer energy from one place to another. They can also be used to create a network of sigils that will be able to connect specific energies together. All sigils are some form of linking sigil and are connected to the other versions of itself, but by making a sigil specifically for the purposes of linking energies together one will be able to create more effective linking sigils. These sigils can also be used as tag locks by placing one where you want the energy to be sent, then charging a different representation of it, so to effectively send the energy to the place you wanted to effect. These can be incredibly helpful for storing, and sending energy, and can allow you to get very creative with your sigil craft.

Mixed Sigils, and combination sigils:

These types of sigils are sigils that hold multiple intents, and mix the energies of two, or more sigils together. These types of Sigils can be extremely helpful when you are trying to get something more advanced done, and you need something to do more than one job. In order to create one of these all you need to do is combined the sigils by overlapping them, drawing them next to each other, or creating a unique sigil made up of both of their parts, so that they will be associated together, and their energies can mix allowing you to use both of them at the same time. these sigil can be made up of any other two types of sigils, and can be used in extremely interesting ways when you set your mind to it.

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