This is the sigil method in which you use automatic writing in order to create a unique sigil that you can charge, and activate in order to send out your desire into the universe. Automatic writing is the act of channeling the universe, your higher self, or some other entity, so that it can pass down information in writing, or drawings. You should probably have some channeling experience, or some automatic writing experience, so that you can get the most out of this method. The way that you can go about this is to get a writing utensil, and paper, and find a comfortable location where you can enter a trance-like state uninterrupted. Once you have found your location you will want to set up some form of spiritual protection such as casting a circle, or some other form of spiritual protection. Next you’re going to want to call out for the entity that you would like to channel, so that it can help you create a sigil upon the paper in front of you. The Entity that you channel should be an entity that you trust, and have possibly worked with in the past. You both should have a very good connection to each other, so that your communication is good, and clear. Once you’ve called out for them when they arrive invoke them into your very being, This can be done by envisioning both of you as one. Once you are both very connected, pick up your writing utensil, and put it against the paper, and then wait to receive messages, and sensations that will push you to draw certain lines. This will be the entity talking through you. Follow all of their messages, and sensations until they tell you to stop or there are no more. What you will end up with will be your sigil, and the meaning of it will be decided by you, and the entity. This method can be very useful if you are very good at channeling, and communicate with a lot of different entities. This method could also be used with servitors that you set up to help you create sigils. Once all of that is done you will be ready to activate and charge your sigil.

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