This sigil making method is one of the most common ones that is used in modern sigilization practices. The first thing that you are going to need in order to create a sigil using this method is a statement of intent. A statement of intent is a statement that tells exactly what you want to manifest. These statements of intent are going to be the basic programming for the sigil, and will give it its meanings, properties, and associations. These statements of intent are usually written in present tense, and without negations though other forms of statements of intent have been known to work either way.  The reason that statements of intent are usually written in present tense is because it is done to trick your subconscious into thinking that you already have it, so you will attract more of it to you, and it will also in an energetic sense send out a specific energy so that the energy can return back to you through the magickal law of positive attraction. The reason that negations are not used as because the subconscious skips over negations and in an energetic sense negations may give your intent energies that you don’t want it to have. This allows you to focus more on the positive parts of a statement, so you can watch what you want manifest into the universe around you. It is also very important to keep these statements of intent general rather than specific. This will give the intent more ways that it can manifest your desires, and will allow your desire to come to you more quickly because it is not tied down by any limitations. You also want to keep your statement of intent grounded, and rational, so that they actually have a chance to be manifested. Things that do not have a very high chance of happening will take a very long time to manifest, and will not make very good intentions because of it. Statements of intent can be written for pretty much anything though, and will play a very active part in this, and many other sigil creation methods, so understanding how to make a very good statement of intent will be very prosperous for you. You will learn how to write better statements of intent as you go on, so don’t worry if you are not too good at it at the beginning. Your statements of intent can look something like this:

“I have protection”

“I am beautiful”

“I have friends at school”

“I am courageous in everything that I do”

“I do work well with others”

After you write your statement of intent it is traditional in this method to take that intent, and remove the spaces, vowels, and repeating letters. This is done to cut down on letters so that your statement of intent is smaller, while also scrambling the letters, so that you don’t know what their original intent was exactly. This will allow that statement of intent to be imprinted in your subconscious even more than it already has. You do not have to remove the repeating letters, or the vowels, if you dont want to, it will not affect the effectiveness of your sigils at all. Sometimes I feel it is better to leave them in, if is a shorter intent, and needs more letters. It really just comes down to what you want to do, but traditionally the letters are removed. If  “I have protection” is your statement of intent after you remove the letters it would look something like this: “HVPRTCN”

Next thing you would be able to do, if you wanted to would be to change these letters into some other form of alphabet. This would be good in order to add some additional energies from the other alphabets improving the power, and effectiveness of your sigils, along with disguising your sigil even more, so that it is even more unrecognisable, and because of this can enter your subconscious more easily. It can also add some more aesthetic to your sigils allowing them to be visually pleasing to you, and anyone else perceiving them.

This is the last, and most creative step of this process. What you are going to do is take these letters that you have, and try to make a picture, or symbol out of them. You can do this in any way that you feel necessary. As long as you incorporate all the letters that you have into the design in some way. The idea is to hide them into the symbol that you are creating, so that when it is looked at you could not tell that it is made up of letters. This will take some practice turning around certain letters, getting used to everything, and being able to do this process to make something that looks the way you wanted to, while also being very useful, and practical, it is very artistic, and the only way that you can really learn how to do this step better is by doing it. Take some time and don’t be afraid to go through iterations of the sigil. Once you finish it, and you are happy with your design, your sigil will be complete, and will be ready to charge, and activate.


  1. je suis entrain de voir comment faire un sigil je ne vois pas comment on passe de l étape de déclaration d intention a la réalisation du sceau j attends beaucoup de vous merci


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