Many different people have philosophized about the soul, and the role that it plays in all of us. The concept of the soul has been defined, redefined, and changed multiple times throughout history by many different parties, groups, religions, and belief systems. People have believed in it, and people have denied its existence. Making it very hard to pin down what a soul is, but its base definition would be the essence, and being of an entity. This is said to be the main spiritual piece of the entity, and is the “I am” of the entity.  It is very common for people to believe that they have a soul, even though the concept is not very well understood. I do believe in the soul, and I feel like I should share from my understanding what the soul is.

What is the soul:

The soul is what separates us from other entities. It is every part of ourselves from the body, to the spirit, to the consciousness, to the personality, to the identity, to the actions, to the choices, to even the higher self, and every piece of being. It will be known as the soul, and we’ll make up the self, and your essence. Everything that is you is your soul, and everything that you are connected to is your soul. The soul is the extension of us in the world launched out from the monad. The monad is at the center of ourselves kept by our higher selves, and is the divine spark which is the original piece of us split off from source. The monad is the separation from the all, and the divine, and oneness of source. Source in this case being existence, and the soul being a subsection of that existence, while still being part of existence.  It is a subsection of source that gets its own identity, and label, much like a wave in the ocean, it is its own construct, but it is still part of the ocean. The soul is immortal, because it is more than your body, and will exist on as many other constructs even after you are gone. The soul begins at the monad, and ends at your relative space of existence, and influence.

Soul vs. Spirit:

The soul, and the spirit are not the same thing though people like to use the words interchangeably. Spirit is the life force energy that our spiritual energetic body possesses, and uses. Spirit is purely made of energy, and is an energetic body that can be used as a spiritual vehicle for our consciousness to ride on. It is the spiritual body that you take on after you die. It is different than the all-encompassingness of your soul, and is simply a higher energetic body of yours.

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