In viadescioic wolf magick, there are four main types of wolves: the black wolf, the white wolf, the gray wolf, and the brown wolf. These four wolves have different metaphysical properties that can help with your magical practice if you take the time to invoke them in specific situations. The kna of these four wolves will come to you and will be able to permeate your magick with their kna allowing your magic to be increasingly charged and strengthened with the power of wolf kna. If you wish to work with wolf kna in your practice, it would be a beneficial idea to learn how to use these different subsections of the wolf’s kna.

The White Wolf:

The white wolf is the wolf that brings the kna of balance, emotion, harmony, peace, and clarity. This wolf is good to call upon when you need to cleanse areas, journey, or find peace within yourself. This wolf kna allows you to be calm and collected within life to find your path and where it leads you. The white wolf has the kna of water because of its calm, like a healing kna. The wolf can teach you pathfinding, ways to connect with your divinity, and how to communicate with the spiritual. This wolf will help you find your divinity and being and will help lead you down your path.

The Brown Wolf:

The brown wolf is the wolf that brings the kna of healing, focus, stability, growth, and grounding. This kna also includes the red and golden wolves and encompasses all wolves in that color spectrum. This type of wolf is very earth-based and brings with them the kna of the element of the earth. This wolf is good to call upon when you need to connect with your nature and inner being. It teaches you ways to survive and connect with the wilderness and all aspects of nature. This wolf will help you experience the world and to grow.

The Grey Wolf:

The grey wolf is the wolf that brings the kna of connection, communication, knowledge, thought, understanding, and travel. The gray wolf is connected with the kna of air. The kna of the gray wolf can be called on in situations where there needs to be better communication, when traveling, during acts of thinking, or when trying to connect with something. The gray wolf teaches lessons of knowledge, reason, logic, and philosophy. It teaches you how to communicate with other entities to portray your experiences and gain their knowledge. This wolf will help you learn knowledge and be able to communicate that knowledge to others.

The Black Wolf:

The black wolf is the wolf that brings the kna of the physical world, passion, courage, strength, purification, and protection. The black wolf is connected to the element of fire for the intense kna that it holds, and the passionate way it expresses that kna. The black wolf teaches lessons of physicality, shadow work, protection, and offense. The black wolf will help you defend yourself against your enemies, and even yourself, so that you can stay strong, and inspired.


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