Once you believe that you have been cursed you can then start the process in order to get rid of the curse that was placed on you. You can do this by following these three steps in order to isolate yourself, fight back, and then cleanse, and heal yourself back to normal health.

Here is the post on symptoms of being cursed, and diagnostics methods:

http://wolfofantimonyoccultism.tumblr.com/post/163601502625/symptoms-of-being-cursed-and-diagnostics-methodsThe first step you are going to want to do is shield yourself. This will give you time to identify what the curse is, and where it might be coming from. Along with allowing you to think about how you would like to proceed in the next step. The shielding does not have to be anything elaborate it just has to work well enough to isolate you from the negative energy of the curse, and will give you some time to think, while not being impacted by the curse.

Shielding methods that you could try, would be things such as:

  • Casting a circle.
  • Charging, and activating a Sigil for protection.
  • Using the psychic bubble of white light.
  • Wearing all black.
  • Wearing iron.
  • Remaining in some form of sacred space or holy ground.
  • Using protective crystals such as obsidian, onyx, black tourmaline, or smoky quartz, among many others.
  • Burn incense, or herbs for protection such as dragon’s blood, rosemary, basil, or clove, among many others.
  • Creating crystal grids of protection.
  • Asking a deity, spirit guide, thought-form, ancestor, or ascended master to protect you.
  • Asking another more experienced practitioner to shield you.
  • Among many other shielding methods….
The second step would be to banish, or send back the curse. In order to banish the curse you will first need to look for everything that connects you to the curse, and cleanse it, or destroy it. Once you do that you will be able to send out a spell to counter, and banish the curse, or reflects the curse back to whatever sent it. In the step it would also be helpful to identify who, or what sent the curse at you in the first place, so that you can bind it and prevent it from happening again.
Curse breaking methods, and curse sending back methods you could try, would be things such as:
  • Charging, and activating a sigil for curse breaking, or for sending back the curse.
  • Asking a deity, spirit guide, thought-form, ancestor, or ascended master to break, or to send back the curse.
  • Construct a decoy witches bottle in order to absorb the curse for you.
  • Create, and cast a personal spell to nullify the curse, or to send it back to its user.
  • Using crystals such as of Labradorite, obsidian, or shungite, along with many others.
  • Burn incense, or herbs for curse breaking.
  • Taking a bath with specific herbs can also remove the curse by nullifying its negative energy.
  • Cleanse, and destroy the source of where the curse is coming from, so that it can no longer target you.
  • Reading from a holy book out loud.
  • Strongly intending, and demanding that the curse be broken, and dissipate.
  • Stay in your protection until the curse runs its course, and runs out of energy.
  • Asking another more experienced practitioner to break the curse.
  • Among many other methods….
The third step would be to cleanse you and your space of negative energy that is left over from the curse, so that you can go on with your life without being disturbed by past energies. This can be done through any cleansing method of your choice, and is a very important step in order to keep you safe, and spiritually healthy. You can also in this step run diagnostics on yourself to make sure that you are healthy and all mind, body, and spirit, so that you can enter back into a normalized state.
Cleansing methods that you could try could be things such as:
  • Burn incense, and cleansing herbs such as Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo stick, among many other things.
  • Going to a Reiki professional to balance out your energetic body.
  • Charging, and activating a sigil for cleansing.
  • Noise cleansing through such methods as clap cleansing, singing bowl cleansing, or bell cleansing.
  • Asking a deity, spirit guide, thought-form, ancestor, or ascended master to cleanse you of negative energies.
  • Spray the area with salt water, holy water, or any other magically charged water.
  • Using the power of the violet flame.
  • Using your own spiritual energy to nullify the negative energy.
  • Sprinkling salt in the environment.
  • Physically cleaning the area.
  • Casting banishing pentagram of the Earth
  • Casting the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
  • Casting the Lesser banishing ritual the hexagram
  • Casting the Gnostic Pentagram Ritual
  • Asking another more experienced practitioner to cleanse you and your environment.
  • Among many other methods….


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