This is a form of mental shape-shifting that will help you to transform into your mental form you wish to take, whatever that may be. Shape-shifting meditation is a form of meditation in which you go on to the mental scape in your mind, and take on the form of something else, usually an animal, or mythical creature. By doing this you can learn lessons about the form that you have taken, and can experience things from that form’s perspective. It will also help to connect you stronger with that form allowing you to understand it, and work with it. If you are able to meditate, and get into an altered state of consciousness you will be able to experience the shape shifting meditation for yourself.

How To Shape-shift Meditate:

1) First find a spot where you will not be disturbed, and sit, stand, or lay in a comfortable position in that spot. You should also wear loose clothing that will not be restrictive so that you can be completely relaxed, and not feel restricted. If you would like you can also turn down the lights, and put some music on to make yourself more comfortable.

2) Close your eyes, and begin to breathe calmly, and deeply allowing your entire body to relax, so that you can achieve an altered state of consciousness. Take time to relax all the muscles in your body, and to focus inward. Continue to do this until you are relaxed, and have entered a very deep meditational state.

3) Now visualize in your mind’s eye your body as detailed as you can. See your physical form that you presently possess in as much detail as you can. Look through your eyes, and see how, you see. Experience your form through your perception. Focus on all of yourself in your entirety, and hold this image in your mind’s eye for a while, then move on to the next step.

4) Now that you are visualizing yourself, see that image changing into the form you want it to take. See your features turn into their features slowly, but surely starting from one side of your body to the other. Slowly morphing your form, into the other form. Remember to take the visualization slow, and to do it as detailed as possible until you mentally feel like you have taken the complete form of what you were looking to take. Look through their eyes, and try to perceive your mental state in this form. Try to connect on every level with this form in order to become mentally, and spiritually the form.

5) Once you have taken on that form, and the mental behaviors of that state, and experience the world through their eyes. See what you can learn from while in that form such as how it feels, urges that you might have, or anything other than you might be able to experience only in that form. In the state you would also be able to create a mental environment in order for you to run around, and experienced that form. This would be such things as like imagining a forest around you if you took the form of a deer, or wolf, so that you could run around the forest, and experience what it’s like to be them for yourself. This is where the bulk of the meditation happens, where you experience the form, learn, and have fun. Focus upon the state, and continue to allow it to flourish. You can do this as long as you would like to experience the form. when you are ready to come out of it you can move on to the next step.

6) When you are ready to come out of it all you have to do is imagine your form going back to your original form, and then opening your eyes in order to come out of it. Once from there you can then go on with the rest of your day with the knowledge, and experience that you have had.

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