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Month: October 2017

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Energy Work: Energetic Overflow

It is possible for you to take too much spiritual energy into your body at one time, just like it is possible to suffer from energetic burnout. I refer to this high energy state as energetic overflow for a lack of a better name. Both of these states are not very balanced for your body, and energetic system due to […]

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Witchcraft: Warding

Introduction: Wards are constructs, or entities that go through the process of wording a specific area that you set them up to watch over. This form of warding magick is also referred to some times as apotropaic magick, and our ways in which practitioners can turn away negative, or unwanted energies from an area, or space. Wards are like energetic […]

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Crystals: Ways to work with crystals

There are many different ways in order to use crystals in your practice, and by understanding these ways you will be able to empower your craft with the energies of the crystals that you have. This list is by no way a complete one but is a very basic overview of some ways that you can use crystals. Allowing their […]

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Crystals: Basic ways to charge crystals

There are many different ways that you can go about charging your crystals in order to get them working at their most efficient levels. In this post I will be going over a couple of the more basic methods for charging crystals, so that you will be able to charge your crystals and work with them more effectively. Sunlight: By […]

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Miscellaneous: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is known to be a very unlucky day, but what is it about it that has given it these properties and understandings. This day will occur on any day in which it is friday and also the 13th of the month. These days are notorious for being very unlucky, so unlucky in fact that there is even […]

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Sigil Magick: What Are Sigils

The word sigil comes from the Latin word “Sigillum” which was defined as a seal, or signet. It also may have been connected to the Hebrew word סגולה (segula) meaing charm, or tailsman. The way that I would define a sigil in a magickal sense of the word is a symbol that represents an intent, construct, or entity. They are […]

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Witchcraft: Metaphysical correspondences for the days of the week

Sunday: Prosperity, Success, Wealth, Fortune, Power, Individuality, Beginning, Confidence, Ego, and many more. Monday: Travel, Peace, Illusion, Fertility, Dreams, Mystery, Fantasy, Introspection, Intuition, Insightful, Imagination, and many more. Tuesday: Victory, Strength, Courage, Endurance, Passion, Aggression, Revenge, Bad luck, Lust, Rebellious, and many more. Wednesday: Creativity, Luck, Cunning, Change, Mind, Study, Wisdom, Knowledge, Writing Thursday: Good health, Abundance, Leadership, Energetic growth, […]

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Witchcraft: How to undo a spell

Sometimes after you cast a spell you will wish to undo it, because you do not actually want it to manifest into the world. Knowing how to undo spells can help you in many situations in order to stop yours, and other people’s magick from taking shape. In order to use the information in this post you are probably going […]

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Energy Work: Absorbing Energy

Absorbing energy can be a very useful energy technique that will be able to help you in your craft by allowing you to take energy from many different sources, so that you can use that energy in your energetic working. This process will allow you to target a construct that you desire, and pull in its spiritual energy, so that […]

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Crystals: How to program crystals

Programming crystals allows you to give specific crystals a certain job to carry out. This could allow you to use your crystals in a more dynamic way allowing you to call upon them for certain tasks, and jobs that you may need done. You will also be able to dedicate certain crystals to a specific focus allowing those crystals to […]

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Sigil Magick: Forgetting Sigils

In the act of traditional chaos magick sigilization there is usually a step in which you must forget the sigil that you have created, or activated. This step is usually referred to as forgetting the sigil, and has been used by many practitioners, while being forgotten by many others. The step though skipped over a lot can still be quite […]

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Energy Work: Spiritual Energy Scanning

This technique will be incredibly useful on the rest of your magickal path, because of the various situations you can use it in. This technique will allow you to feel the energy of any person, place, or thing, and will allow you to gain information based upon the sensations that you are feeling, and how the energy interacts with your […]

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Witchcraft: List Of Magick Tools

There are so many wonderful magickal tools that can be used in your practice in order to help you send out your desire into the universe, because of this I have decided to make this list of different magickal tools. Hopefully this list will be able to give you a good idea of what tools are out there so that […]