Magick is a very real, and powerful thing. It can be learned, and used to not only better your life, but to better the world around you. It is a beautiful art, and science that has been with us throughout, and even before history. It is shaped our cultures, and traditions, and has even been at the focal points of our religions. It is been feared, and it has been praised. It has been used for all manner of tasks, from benevolent acts to malevolent deeds. It has been well understood, and it has been hidden in the occult. There has always been some type of mystical, and occult practitioner that has taken up the use of magick to help, and understand the world around them. You need nothing in particular to be a practitioner. Practitioners are all as different as our practices, and our understandings, but together we all share the universal understanding of magick.

All this post is supposed to help you do is to find a path to start exploring the basics of the occult world, so that you can continue to learn more, and explore your individual path. Magick is a practice that you never stop learning about, there will always be something new to learn, and you will always find yourself being surprised by the things you have found. This practice is very vast, and expansive, and will always keep giving you more as long as you are searching for it. You are about to embark on a very personal individual journey that will teach you much about the world around you as well as yourself. This will allow you to better yourself, and to learn things you never thought you would. Welcome to the beginning of your magickal Journey.

In this post I will be giving you some tips to remember, so that you can build your own foundation, and begin your practice as a magickal practitioner. All of these things I have found very helpful in my own practice, and I have also seen them work very well for others, and because of this I hope that you can also bring it into your own practice, and use it if it resonates with you. So take this information as you would like, and use it as a compass to help direct you to where your path is leading you.

Personal path:

There are a lot of different perspectives from various magickal practitioners. Some are a lot more prevalent than others due to the fact of their upbringing in culture, but you must understand that there is not one path, and there are many various ways of doing things. So look for the best path that suits you, and resonates with your soul. By being more connected to your practice, and enjoying what you are doing, it will allow your practice to flow more smoothly, and achieve the unimaginable. Remember that your path will be unique, and may not even be the same as a person that practices the same tradition as you. By understanding each other’s perspectives you can learn, and become even better than you both were separately. Others can be your greatest teachers. Even people that you believe cannot teach you a thing can teach you a lot, as long as you are open to their teachings. It is also a very good idea not to weigh yourself against anyone else’s practice, because everyone will be at different points on their path, and will be learning what they need to at that time to get the most out of their experiences. Your path is your own. It is beautiful, unique and will stretch out to exactly where you needed to go. you are an individual, and you can personalize your craft any way that you see fit, so do not be afraid to be your true self, and to experiment.

Know yourself:

knowing yourself is very important. It allows you to have control over yourself, so that you can have control over the world around you. By understanding your spiritual, religious, and philosophical beliefs, and the reasons that you got into magick in the first place will allow your path to run much smoother, and to be more organized, and focused. Take time to think about the big questions, and what you truly believe, and why you are doing certain things. Introspection is key here, and it will help shape your morals, and ideologies going forward allowing you to be more connected with yourself, and the magick that you do.

Magick, and religion:

As a practitioner of magick you can be part of any religion, and still practice magick. Almost all religions have some form of understanding of magick in them, and magick is not exclusive to any religion. You do not even have to be theistic in order to practice, and can even be an agnostic, or an atheist. Your practice of magick does not have to directly correlate with your religion in any way, and can even remain separate. Magick, and witchcraft are not religions, but are practices, and can be practiced by anyone.

Magick is not “evil”, nor “good”:

Magick, and witchcraft are not objectively inherently “evil” or “good”, but our neutral like everything else that exists. “Good” and “evil” are very subjective terms that are completely based off of the morals, or ethics someone holds, and will be greatly influenced by cultural relativism. What you do with your magick, and how it is perceived will determine if it is “good”, or “evil” by the person perceiving it based on their own subjective understanding, and experience. Your magick is a tool, and you will decide how you use that tool.


Research is important, and it will always be good to double check your information. Learn as much as you can about magick, because you never know what information will be valuable later. Do not rely simply on one source for information, but go out, and gather multiple sources, so that you can cross reference that information in order to find out what is reasonable, reliable, and true. There is a myriad of information on magick that can be found in books, online, and in a multitude of different sources. It is a good idea to try not to hold on too tightly to your understandings, but allow them to change, and evolve with you. Remember to also always have a very good healthy amount of doubt, because this will keep you from falling into misinformation, or delusion. Which can be a very easy thing to do especially for a beginner, so be careful, double-check, and always use common sense. Understand everything about the practices, and why they work. Don’t just believe things, because people tell you they are true. Ask why it works, then go out ,and deeply analyze the understandings, so you can make sure they are true. Remember that belief alone does not  equal truth, and should be able to be justified in some manner. Knowledge is power, and by knowing things you have power over those things, and will be able to work with those things in order to expand your magickal practice.

Take it slow, and enjoy the ride:

Take it slow you have a lot to learn, and you got a lot of time to do it. You don’t have to jump in so suddenly, and learn everything. Start with the basics, and work your way up. There is no need to go for something so advance in the beginning. Take your time, and get invested, and connected with you with your spiritual path. Remember that it is not a race, and there is no need to try to beat out any other practitioners. You will find the things that are right for you, and they will find the things that are right for them. There may be some times when you need to step away from your practice in order to regroup, and this is perfectly okay. Remember to take time off when you need to it will help you progress in the long run. Do not do anything that you believe you are not ready to handle. Take time, and work up to the harder more advanced things.

Learn the fundamentals of magick:

Take time to learn the fundamentals of magick they will help you later in your practice. It is important to understand why magick works, and how it will react in certain situations. Learn what magick is not, and what magick can do. Learn universal laws, occult philosophy, and magickal theory, and take time to understand them, and how they may work in magickal practice. Understand spiritual concepts, and believes, and understand spiritual energy, and intention. Once you have the fundamentals down you can pretty much make anything fit into that mold, and from there you will be able to work and understand pretty much any magickal practice allowing you to go anywhere that your path leads you.

Learn to protect yourself:

I’m not saying things will go wrong, or even have a high chance to go wrong, but it’s better to be prepared for every situation. Learn cleansing, protection, and banishment spells, or rituals as early in your practice as you can. This will keep you safe in case something goes wrong, but these techniques do not have to be the most advanced. Just a way to defend yourself in case of spiritual attack. Your safety is very important, and you should be able to know how to defend yourself in situations where it is necessary. Remember if you feel overwhelmed, or if you can’t handle a situation to reach out for help there are so many wonderful practitioners that would be glad to help.

Elemental framework of learning magick, and witchcraft:

This is the path that I would have beginners take. This path is based off of the elements, and the work of Christopher Penczak in his Temple of witchcraft series. In this system you work your way up through the four elements which categorize different types of magickal practices in order to create a base understanding of knowledge that can then be personalized, and individualized openly depending upon what the practitioner wants to get into. This system will start with the element of Fire then it will go to the element of Earth, water, and then air. The system is meant to act as a framework, that will allow you to play around with fundamental constructs of magick. A practitioner following this framework would just have to look up the different terms, and study those terms in order to gain knowledge about them, so that they can begin learning, and practicing magick. Terms in this framework could also be skipped over if the practitioner does not want to learn them, or does not find it necessary to learn them now. My hope is once you finish this framework, you will have enough knowledge to go, and learn what you need to, and to follow your own magickal path.

Fire – More Knowledge-Based and Energetic Based Workings

  • Start a journals (book of shadows, dream journal, book of shadows, book of mirrors)
  • Authentic thaumaturgy: the laws of magick
  • Hermetic principles of the kybalion
  • Theurgy and Thaumaturgy
  • (Masculine and feminine energy), and (yin and yang)
  • Magickal names
  • Understanding spiritual energy (chi, ki, Mana, PSI,)
  • Understanding magickal intention
  • Energetics system
  • Visualization
  • Centering
  • Grounding
  • Ki breathing
  • Psychic bubble of Lights
  • Power hand, and receptive hand
  • Energy Ball / Ki Ball / Psi Ball
  • Programming spiritual energy
  • Seeing auras and energy in the air
  • Focus meditation
  • Clearing your mind meditation

Earth – More Thaumaturgy Based Workings

  • The elements (fire, earth, water, air, spirit)
  • Magickal tools
  • Crystal magick, and Crystal correspondences
  • Herbs magick, herbalism, and herbs correspondences
  • Candle magick
  • Nature cycles, and lunar phases
  • Astrology
  • Color magick, and color magick correspondences
  • Taglocks, And Magickal Links
  • Cleansing methods
  • Invoking and banishing the pentagram
  • Casting and closing a circle
  • How to set up an altar
  • Divination
  • Sigilcraft
  • How to write your own spells and rituals
  • Curses

Water – More Meditative Based Workings

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Journey meditation
  • Shape-Shifting meditation
  • Dream work
  • Create an Astral Temple
  • Spirit guides
  • Thought-forms
  • Communicating with your higher self
  • Channeling
  • Past life regression
  • Shadow work
  • Astral travel
  • Astral projection

Air – More Theurgy Based Workings

  • Planes of existence
  • Dimensions
  • Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
  • Gnostic pentagram ritual
  • Greater ritual of the pentagram
  • Triangle of Art (Solomonic triangle, Triangle of Evocation)
  • Invoking and evoking entities

Extra tips:

  • Do not summon anything that you believe you cannot put back.
  • Respect other people’s practices, and hopefully they will respect yours.
  • Learn from other practitioners a lot of them are willing to help you as long as you ask.
  • If you send out curses make sure that you are ready for a fight you never know if that person could end up sending it back at you.
  • You do not need a lot of fancy things in order to do magick all you need is intent, and energy to send your desire out into the universe.
  • You do not have to do magick every single day.
  • Try forms of guided meditation, if you are having trouble doing meditation.
  • You do not have to be religious and anyway in order to be a practitioner of magick.
  • Magick can be learned by yourself, or with a group, and it can be practiced openly, or in secret.
  • You do not need to find a mentor but if you would like one you can always seek one out.
  • A lot of the sources you are going to run into, or going to be wiccan, and new aged based. This is fine but it is also important to have a plethora of different sources.

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